[Review] PrincessPinky Cloudy Blue (on Green Eyes)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hello, dreamers! I'm back with another review of a pair of lenses from PinkyParadise. This time I'm doing a review of the Princess Pinky Lenses in Cloudy Blue. I've done a review of the Princess Pinky lenses in Cloudy Green in the past so click here to check it out.

Color & Design: The color is a beautiful pale and icy blue which is similar to the shade people with naturally blue eyes have. The limbal ring is a soft darker blue color. The color is quite opaque but looks soft because of the cloudy pattern which I really like because it makes them look natural compared to other lenses. Although they don't cover the iris completely they blend in very well with the natural eye color so I think these lenses will look good on any eye color. However, I think they will suit light eyes, like blue and green, for the color to show up more and will give a more natural feel.

Enlargement & Comfort: The diameter is 14.5mm and I think it gives me just the right amount of enlargement. Most light-colored lenses I've tried are quite small or don't really give a big enlarging effect even if the diameter is on the large side. In any case, I think the size and enlarging effect of these lenses is perfect. They are also very comfortable. These days I've gotten quite a lot of headaches which usually get worse if my eyes get tired and dry because of wearing lenses, but these lenses have worked really great for me! I can't feel any discomfort or side-effects at all when I'm wearing them.

Overall: The Cloudy Green lenses are my favourite lenses ever when I want a natural look and the Cloudy Blue share first place with them because they also look natural but give my eyes a different vibe. I think the Cloudy Green lenses give my eyes a charming and cute look, while the Cloudy Blue lenses give off a more cool and mysterious vibe.

To sum things up, the reason why I like these lenses so much is that they are a light color with a soft limbal ring but they're opaque and change the color of my eyes completely. On top of that they are quite big and give a very nice enlarging effect, all the while still looking very natural. Everything about these lenses is just perfect!

At last but not least, here's a super blurry selfie (taken with my phone).
I dyed my hair blue, by the way (duh)! I did a review and a video of this hair dye. Click here to check it out!

That sums up my review of the Princess Pinky Lenses in Cloudy Blue. Click here to check out the review I made of these lenses in Cloudy Green and don't forget to visit PinkyParadise to browse through lots of other Circle Lenses.

Thank you so much for checking out this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now, dreamers!

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