Pink Café - Chuu meets W♡C

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hello, dreamers! In one of my last posts, I was talking a bit about chuu and one of their most recent collections called Midnight land. I also mentioned that I've been waiting for one of their collaboration collections with W♡C called Pink Café; It was finally released at the end of last month so of course I headed right over to their store in Hongdae to grab the items I've been wanting to buy for such a long time (I only waited for about a month but it felt like forever). I'm gonna do a proper haul post to show you all of the things I got, including items from their other collections, and I would also like to do a video. I really bought a lot of stuff tho so I'm currently trying to decide wether or not I should split it all into two parts. We'll see how I deal with that! Anyhow, for now I want to show you the concept photos from the Pink Café collection so you get the idea of what to expect in my haul post.

The items in this collection that immediately caught my eye was the striped sweater and the matching cap with a ribbon at the back. I fell in love with that outfit in particular as soon as I saw it then I realised that I actually really like every single item in this collection. I just love the concept and design of this whole collection. I hope you like it too! You can see many more pictures over at chuu's website - click the link to check it out!

Thank you so much for reading. Bye for now, dreamers~

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