[Review] Princess Pinky Twilight Reborn Blue

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hello, dreamers! I'm back with another review on a pair of lenses from PinkyParadise.com. I've been really bad at updating my blog these days (Sorry about that!) so I'm really happy to be back with a new review for PinkyParadise. Let's take a closer look at these bad boys!

Lens Information
Brand: Princess Pinky
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: Yearly 
What's Inside: One pair of lenses and one macaron lens case

PinkParadise's Description: 'The most Vivid and Comfortable Twilight contacts ever, a great improvement from the predecessor! After the popular request by our customer, we have improved the Twilight lens Comfort level, to enhance your twilight moment!

This lens is so vivid, it appear like glowing, with your eyes brighten up instantaneously. A high definition color if you like.

A ring of electric color, it doesn’t covered your iris completely, but encircle with a seemingly glowing effect. The color is sharp to create a wild sensation, while the limbal ring provide a slight enlargement. In short, your iris is highlighted with the fancy color of your choice.

Twilight Reborn is an A-list item for attention, you can simply wear it and be in the spotlight! You’ll reincarnate with wildness and flamboyance, who can ignore your presence? Try wear it for party or night out, and count how many people are in awe of you, probably you’ll lost count. Cosplay with any character that you like, it’s wild and it’s the catchiest thing that you can have. You are becoming who you want to be, by immersing yourself in all your possible fantasy!

For Princess Pinky Twilight Reborn, your eyes ‘does’ speak!'"

With Ring Light & Camera Flash

 With Low Lighting

Color & Design: These are 3-colored lenses with a dark limbal ring, a bright blue (almost neon) middle part and a nice hazel color in the inner part which actually blends in perfectly with my natural eye color. The design is very pretty and interesting; it gives the eyes a crystalline effect and really makes your eyes 'pop'.

Enlargement: The enlarging effect is very small, if there's any at all. They are indeed 14.5mm, but the outer edge is just clear and the coloured part of the lenses don't actually go outside of my natural iris. I personally like big lenses, but these lenses might be suitable for those who just want a pop of color without the enlargement.

Comfort: They are pretty comfortable. I can't feel that I'm wearing any lenses at all until after a few hours when my eyes start to get dry. Honestly, I don't really feel a big difference when it comes to lenses and their comfort these days. The only positive thing for me is how long I can wear a pair of lenses without my eyes getting dry, but well, I do have lenses that I can wear longer than these. 

Overall: The design and color is very pretty and vibrant; it definitely makes your eyes 'pop'. The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about is that they are so small. I actually realised that I should've gotten them in green or brown instead because I think they would have looked better on my hazel eyes. 

These Princess Pinky Twilight Reborn Blue circle lenses were sponsored by PinkyParadise.com
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Thank you so much for reading! Bye for now, dreamers~

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