[Review] eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color Smoky Ash Lavender 쉐이킹 푸딩 헤어커러 스모키애쉬라벤더

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hello, dreamers~ It was time to dye my hair again, so as always, I went to Olive Young to choose a color. I decided to pick up the eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color Smoky Ash Lavender, which is a hair color I've actually been wanting to try for a really long time, especially because it looks so cute! This is what it looks like.


After dyeing my hair gold/orange a few months earlier, my hair had faded to a pale yellow/greenish blonde with orange roots. I don't know exactly what's wrong with my hair, but half of my hair barely picks up any color and any hair dye I use fades extremely fast on the ends of my hair. It has been like this ever since I first started dyeing my hair a long time ago, no matter how much It gets cut and regrows. Anyway, I obviously hoped for a lavender color, but since my hair is so bad at picking up any hair dye, I was at least hoping to achieve a decent ash color, hopefully with some pretty lavender undertones (because purple cancels out yellow).


First of all, let's take a look what's inside the package. The box contains the pudding hair dye including 2 dyeing agents. It also comes with an after treatment, instructions, gloves, plastic ear covers and a shoulder cover. Basically everything you need.


Thanks to the pictures, the directions are very easy to follow even if you don't understand Korean.

From now on, there won't be many pictures since I had my hands full while dyeing my hair, but I'll try to explain through the process of dyeing my hair with this dye as best as I can. Here we go~

[Dyeing Process]  First of all, I put on all of my protections gear and poured the liquid from the 2 bottles into the container. You're supposed to hold the container upright and shake it from side to side. After shaking it for a few seconds, the liquid inside had turned into a pudding-like consistency which I've never seen in a hair dye before. I thought it was pretty cool, haha. I kind of regret that I didn't go out of my way to take a picture.

Now that the dye was mixed properly, I just started applying straight to my hair as you would do with any hair dye. The hair dye started developing and turning into a really bright purple immediately after applying it. After just a few minutes my hair was a very deep purple. This kind of freaked me out at first because I've had previous experiences with ash hair dyes that turn into a much darker color than I expected them to. However, I let it sit for the recommended 30 minutes anyway and washed it out as usual.

[Result] After drying my hair I was so happy to see that my hair was now a beautiful grey color with lavender roots and highlights. I was really surprised that my roots actually turned out lavender because hair dyes in this kind of color usually don't cover my darker orange (but previously bleached) roots that well.

The stubborn and damaged ends of my hair didn't pick up as much color as my healthy hair close to my roots, but it had still changed into a really pretty ash color which is the best result I've had in a while.

Here's a before and after so you can tell the difference and see the result more clearly.

This is the best Korean hair dye I have tried so far because it finally gave me a color that I absolutely love.

[Lasting Time] The only downside with his hair dye is that it fades very quickly. The color started fading after just 1 wash but it still looked nice. After 2-3 washes it still looked nice but it had faded to a pale silver. After 3-4 washes there was no lavender left at all andNow, after 1 month my hair is only a pearly silver on the roots and my ends have gone back to yellow, but it's not as orange/yellow as it was before I dyed it. If your hair is healthier and picks up color easier than mine, this hair dye will definitely give you the smoky lavender color all over you hair, instead of just close to the roots like me. So it might last longer for those with healthy hair unlike mine.

[Would I repurchase?] Like I said before, I got this hair dye at Olive Young, where they sell it for 14,500 (KRW) but I got it on sale for only 7000! At the original price it's already quite cheap, so even if the dye doesn't last that long I will definitely repurchase this hair dye again because of how much I love the result.

That's it for this post! Thank you so much for reading and bye for now, lovelies~


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