Mediheal Secret Change Hair Bleach & Where to find Hair Bleach in Seoul

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello, lovelies! In this post, I will make a short review on the Mediheal Secret Change Hair Bleach but I will also babble about my mission to find Hair Bleach in Seoul, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

If you saw my review on the G&G Crystal Light Green lenses or the pictures on my Instagram you might have noticed that my hair is now orange. I had black hair before and decided that I want to go a lighter color again. The first step to this was obviously to bleach my hair.

I actually had a really hard time finding hair bleach here in Seoul. With so many makeup and beauty stores, you would imagine that you could find anything anywhere. Most Korean cosmetic and beauty stores actually have bleach, but I later found out that most of them won't work on already dyed hair, only on virgin hair or hair that hasn't been treated too many times like mine. Back in Sweden I always used to pick up the cheap bleach from H&M's own brand, but here in Korea H&M doesn't seem to have a beauty section.

So I went to Watsons which has many nice cosmetics and other beauty products and picked up the only bleach they had there. This bleach is called Clinic Color Hair Bleach by 꽃을 든 남자. It was a really big package for around ₩10,000. I later found out that It was one of those bleaches that only contain cream agents (like many, many other bleaches in the stores here) instead of bleaching powder which made me sceptical, but I decided to try it out anyway. To my horror, the black didn't disappear at all, only my roots turned to a kind of orange shade. I was really frustrated and ventured outside yet again to search for another hair bleach.

I went to Olive Young which is very similar to Watsons. I found this bleach called Mediheal Secret Change Hair Bleach and I was super happy about it because it is one of those bleaches with the bleaching powder that I know will work on my hair.

Important Tip: If you have dyed your hair a lot in the past and/or it is very damaged, make sure to try a bleach that contains bleaching powder if you plan on going from dark hair to light hair. Like I mentioned, I tried a lot of bleaches before and the bleach with the powder seems the be the only one that works.

 photo IMG_2614_zpsd0sgm61a.jpg
 photo IMG_2607_zpshuiwousr.jpg
The directions and information on the package itself are in both Korean and English which is great!

The packages are really small and don't contain a lot of product, but they are super cheap at only  ₩2,600. I picked up 3 of them just to be sure. They are super easy to use. You just mix the lotion and the powder in a bowl and apply the mixture to your hair with a brush. The only downside is that you have to provide the bowl and the brush yourself. I already had this at home but it might be a bummer for those who don't.

I mixed all of the 3 packages together at once and it was just enough to cover my short-ish hair, especially since I had already dyed my roots by accident. I left it in there for 30 minutes, rinsed it with lukewarm water, shampoo, and then conditioner. It didn't fry my hair (more than it already is) or turn it into a bubblegum-like texture, which can happen if you bleach/dye your hair too much. This was a big plus!

My hair was a black brown when I put in the bleach. This is the before and after.
 photo 20161105_224215_zps8qqfqvgm.jpg       photo 20161114_200315_zpsqxnbvtxv.jpg
I was surprised how my hair turned into an even and beautiful golden color. I actually wanted to dye it another color which is why I bleached it in the first place, but I like this color so I'm going to keep it like this for a while. I'm also going to get a haircut so I can remove all the dry and split ends and let my hair recover for a while.
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Bye for now!

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  1. holy cow, I have never seen bleach work so well. When I bleach my hair (it's dark asian) it turns like this bright orange which pisses me off to no end, but I had just accepted that bleaching dark hair would need toning. if that was the result without toner that's pretty good.


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