[Review] Etude House Look At My Eyes (1608) Melancholy Budapest Eyeshadow / 에뛰드 룩 앳 마이 아이즈 멜랑꼴리 부다페스트

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hello, dreamers! Although I love Etude I haven't bought any eyeshadows from them in quite a while since they simply didn't have anything new that caught my interest - until now. I was so happy to see that they have a brand new line of eyeshadows. The new line is called Melancholy Budapest and they are also part of Look At My Eyes (1608), Look At My Eyes Jewel (1608) and Look At My Eyes Café (1608).

This line includes pretty much all of my favorite eyeshadow colors - Matte Taupes, Warm Shimmers, Pastels and Smokey Greys/Blacks! Now that I think about it I kind of regret that I didn't get all of them since they're all really beautiful. I literally already have so many eyeshadows that I barely use so I just picked a few of them. For now. Hehe. The shades I got are #2 PK010, #3 PP510, #14 BK803 (Jewel), #15 PP505 (Café), #16 BK804 (Café), #18 BK807. Let's take a look!

 photo IMG_2781stamp_zpslgc8gfrg.jpg
From left to right, top to bottom: BK804, PP510, BK803, PP505, PK010, BK807

 photo IMG_2789stamp_zpssu376wdm.jpg

#2 PK010
 photo IMG_2797stamp_zpsqlgvrfnf.jpg       photo IMG_2796stamp_zpscw3fzkn5.jpg
I actually don't use pink eyeshadows that much but this one was just too gorgeous. It's a shimmering bubblegum pink. It looks really beautiful together with the PP510.

#3 PP510
 photo IMG_2793stamp_zpsgjkxap1d.jpg       photo IMG_2792stamp_zpsmen15kdb.jpg
This is a really beautiful frosty purple with pink undertones.

#14 BK803 (Jewel)
 photo IMG_2800stamp_zpsewc3ybsu.jpg       photo IMG_2798stamp_zpspqqizwke.jpg
This is probably my favourite eyeshadow out of the ones I got this time. I love all of the shades I got but this one is definitely the most unique and beautiful. It's basically a dark grey with lots of fine multicoloured/holographic glitter in it. The glitter looks really chunky in the pan but it's slightly finer when applied. It looks like a sky full of stars.

#15 PP505 (Café)
 photo IMG_2791stamp_zpsym3hsuec.jpg       photo IMG_2790stamp_zpsewt8jfup.jpg
This is a gorgeous matte burgundy with teeny tiny hints of glitter in it.

#16 BK804 (Café)
 photo IMG_2802stamp_zpsguurgebv.jpg       photo IMG_2801stamp_zps7mf1ixin.jpg
I really love a good taupe eyeshadow. Not only for my eyes, but for shading the rest of my face as well. Most products that are specifically made for contouring are usually very orange and those just don't do it for me, so I always go with taupe eyeshadows for my shading instead. It looks a bit purple in this picture but it's actually just a neutral taupe. Look at the swatches below to see what it really looks like when applied. I already have so many taupes similar to this one but I literally can't have too many because, like I said, I always use this kind of shade for shading and contouring my eyes and face no matter what kind of look I'm going for.

#18 BK807
 photo IMG_2795stamp_zpszwtzenwe.jpg       photo IMG_2794stamp_zpssxion4oe.jpg
Ugh, I just realised how horrible this pan looks. Sorry about that. I messed it up quite a bit when I was about to move it to my Etude House Eyeshadow palette before I realised that I wanted to take photos. Anyway, this was actually the first eyeshadow I picked out of the ones I got. I really needed a good grey eyeshadow and I thought that this was perfect for me. It has a slightly purple undertone and very small pink/purple glitter particles. Absolutely beautiful and perfect for smoky makeup.

 photo IMG_2805stamp_zpszo7dyvzz.jpg
From left to right, top to bottom: BK804, PP510, BK803, PP505, PK010, BK807

One thing that all of these eyeshadows have in common is that all of them are very pigmented and last for a really long time. At last but not least they are also dirt cheap. The Normal Look at My Eyes and Café Eyeshadows are ₩3,500 and the Jewel Eyeshadows are ₩5,500.

Do you like these eyeshadows? Let me know if you want me to review the rest of the eyeshadows of this line too. And feel free to check out the last review I did on the Etude House eyeshadows here.
Thank you so much for reading and bye for now.

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