How to make a Syntethic wig look natural

Monday, November 21, 2016

Hello, dreamers! In this post I want to show you how to make any Synthetic wig look natural and also make it super soft and smell really nice. Basically, to make a Synthetic wig look more natural we want to remove the extreme shine that synthetic wigs have.

What you need:
Syntethic wig
A bowl
Fabric Softener
Baby Powder

Wig stand

1. Take your wig and dump it into your bowl. The size or the material of the bowl doesn't matter as long as it's big enough for your wig and the fabric softener liquid.

2. Pour the Fabric Softener into the bowl with your wig. It doesn't have to cover the wig completely, but be sure to put enough fabric softener in there so that it saturates the wig more than enough. I like to give it a little stir at this point too. Leave it in there for 5 days. Yes, you read that right. For maximum results you should leave it in the bowl with the fabric softener for about 5 days. But if you're in a rush, 2 days should be enough.
3. When 5 days have passed, remove the wig from the bowl and wash it thoroughly with water and let it dry. Put it on the wig stand and let it air dry it or just use a hair dryer. Give it a good brush once it's dry. You will notice that most of the shine will have disappeared and that it's super soft and smells nice.
   4. When everything is dry, apply the baby powder on every section of hair. This will take some time but you want to make sure to cover every single hair and really get it in there. Add some more on the spots where you still can see shine. This will really remove the unwanted shininess and make it look almost like real hair.

5. And done! Just give it a good brush and style as desired. Your wig should be a lot softer and flowy with a more matte and natural texture.

Here are some selfies I took with the wig once I was done with it. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Let me know what you think in the comments.
Thanks for reading and bye for now!

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