[Makeup Tutorial] Tangerine Makeup (EXID's UP&DOWN Inspired)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi, lovelies! As you know, LVLUP recently made a Cover of EXID's UP&DOWN. I think it's so much fun to try new looks and play around with makeup. Whenever we do a Cover and take pictures for it I try to make my Makeup look similar to what the other artist is wearing in the MV. So obviously, this Makeup look was inspired by the girls in UP&DOWN. All of them have similar Makeup, but I really liked Hani's Makeup so that's the look I went for and I decided to make a quick Tutorial on how I did it. Check it out!

I almost never wear Orange, Coral, Tangerine or any color like that and rarely use it when I do my Makeup, so this was actually something very different for me. The funny thing is that I'm absolutely obsessed with Orange lips now! Tangerine is actually a trendy color for Summer 2015 so I think that this is a perfect and fun Makeup look for Summer, and you can definitely pull it off as an everyday Makeup look If you skip the lower lashes.
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  1. Hello Lillin! I've been on your blog all day, reading each of your post, and I must say that I'm totally obsessed <3 Your videos, make-up tutorials, and reviews are always entertaining. And you're so pretty! <3 I've tried to do the Tangerine make-up earlier, but since I'm from african descent, I just feel like it doesn't feel right with my skin :/ I tried a darker shade of orange, but it was too dark (basically it was like a light brown), and didn't have the fresh and vivid feeling that it has on you. I wondered if you had an idea about it?
    But anyway, I consider myself as one of your biggest fan: I love your style, your voice (you sound amazing in your last cover (UP&DOWN)), and your attitude (I mean, you're very honest and objective in your reviews).
    Keep the amazing work! <3 Love from France

    1. Thank you so so so much, sweetie! I'm so glad you like my blog posts and videos. I'm pretty new to making tutorials and videos, so in the back of my head I'm always worried about if people will like it or not. Your comment made me feel really confident and motivated to make more posts and videos ^-^

      About the tangerine makeup, here's something you can try: Before applying your eye makeup, apply a concealer (you could try a yellow or salmon-colored in this case) or some other kind of light eyeshadow base on the areas where you want to put the bright eyeshadow colors, in this case the tangerine color. This is a really effective way to makeup eyeshadow colors pop. I'm a little bad at explaining, but I hope you understand. I think Tangerine/Orange/etc. colors would look really great on your dark skin, so I hope it works out for you too~

      By the way, I checked out your Tumblr and I love it, haha~ You have a new follower!

      Again, thank you so much for this comment ^-^ I hope you have a lovely day~

  2. This look is really cute! I HAVE to try it when I go to Korea so thank you very much for the tutorial ^_^ Can I ask what the name of the lenses you are wearing is?

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. Thank you so much~ I'm glad you like it! When are you going to Korea? ^-^
      The lenses I'm wearing are the Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey~ I made a review on them a while ago:

      Hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie~


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