ETUDE HOUSE 8-Color Palette

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi there! I saw an image of this cute 8-Color Palette from Etude house by chance and fell in love with it at first sight. I started looking at the usual online shops where I usually get products from Etude House, but I found out that this palette was pretty much completely sold out everywhere. I had to look for quite some time before I found it. At first I found it at amazon and immediately bought it. First of all, the package never arrived and the seller had to re-send it, and when I finally got it, they had sent me a completely different palette. Aaargh! I was so frustrated, at that point I didn't even care about contacting the seller again. Anyway, I started looking again after a while, and a seller on eBay had finally listed it, so yet again, I bought it immediately and not much later I finally received the palette I wanted for so long. To be honest, there's not really anything special about this palette. I just thought it was so pretty, and the thing is that once I see something that I really like (which is quite rare), I just have to have it no matter what. Anyhow, enough of backstory. Let's take a closer look at this cute eyeshadow palette.

Here's the packaging! "All of girls are born as a princess. But you have forgotten who you are! Now it's time to let your pink our." - Cute quote!

It turned out that this one actually is from Etude House Japan. I don't mind it and I'm not surprised at all since it was completely sold out everywhere else and really hard to find back when I was looking for it.

I just love this type of design! Black & pink will always be one of my favorite color combos. Kind of reminds me of Dolly Wink designs back in the day which I used to absolutely love.

I really like the big mirror, and another small detail I like is that there's a small hole next to each eyeshadow-spot so I can easily replace and re-arrange the eyeshadows. I had a smaller palette from Etude House in the past and it didn't have those little holes which actually made it a bit more difficult to replace them.

I'm usually not too fond of using the Makeup Brushes that come with items like this, but I actually really liked these and use them a lot. I was surprised by how good they actually are.

I'm really happy that I finally got a hold of this Makeup palette and it was definitely worth looking for. So far, I have only put the 4 eyeshadows from Etude House that I already had (which I obviously added after taking these pictures). I wanted to get 4 more to fill it up right away, but I thought that it will be a lot more fun to go one of the Etude House stores in Seoul and pick out the eyeshadows on the spot. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to make a part 2 of this post to show you which eyeshadows I ended up filling this palette with.
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

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