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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review. This time I'm making a review of the Super Pinky Green Circle Lenses which were kindly sponsored by PinkyParadise. I've previously made a review of the Violet lenses in this series (and I'm also doing a review on the Grey ones soon), and I absolutely loved them. I was so excited about trying these out since I've been looking for a pair of green lenses that would blend with my naturally green eyes and live up to the rest of my criteria for Circle Lenses. These didn't let me down so you should definitely keep reading if you've been looking for a pair of gorgeous green circle lenses just like I did.


Color: The color of these lenses is a very balanced and pretty shade of green. I prefer a natural look when it comes to green lenses. Many green lenses have a really strong blue hue to them which I think looks very unnatural, but the green color of these lenses is just right, even though I originally hoped that they would be more on the warm/yellow side like they are portrayed.

Design: The design is gorgeous. When looking closely at them you can see that they have a speckled pattern which kind of gives the eyes a reptile/feline look, but it actually looks more natural in real life and if you look from a little further away. I also love that the limbal ring is quite light and blends together with the rest of the lens in a 'spiked' pattern. The only thing I don't really like is the sharp edge at the inner part. However, these lenses in particular still blend in very well with my natural iris since the color is similar, but the inner edge will be really clear if anyone with blue or brown eyes wears them which can look quite unnatural.


Enlargement: I personally prefer lenses that are on the large side, and the enlarging effect of these 15.0mm lenses is just perfect. As usual I don't have much to add to this particular category. Circle Lenses don't come in that many different sizes - They either give you a small, decent or huge enlarging effect. Simple as that. However, pictures say so much more than words, so I should probably start taking 'before and after' pictures for my future reviews.

Comfort: These lenses are very comfortable and I can barely feel that I'm wearing lenses at all for the first couple of hours of wearing them. It's completely normal that your eyes get a little dry and tired when wearing circle lenses for a long time, but it feels like I can't wear these for as long as I can wear some other circle lenses. They don't make my eyes feel dry or anything, but for some reason they just make my eyes really sensitive when wearing them for a longer period of time.

Time for a super size selfie!

Overall: The Super Pinky Circle Lenses are one of my favorite series. I haven't tried all of them, but I have them in Violet and Grey too. They don't look very natural on my eyes unlike these Green ones, but I still absolutely love them too. The green ones have become my favorite since they're the only ones that actually blend really well with my natural iris. I don't really mind if the natural iris shines through a pair of lenses as long as the design allows them to blend in well, but if you want to get these lenses and want it to look as natural as possible, I recommend you to get them in the color closest to your natural eye color. I highly recommend the Super Pinky Lenses in general, but I recommend these lenses in particular to people with green or hazel eyes that want a good enlarging effect. The design and color is gorgeous and they will blend in seamlessly if you have green eyes, despite the sharp inner edge. Like I mentioned earlier, they have a very nice and balanced color which I personally think is pretty hard to come by when it comes to green circle lenses.

These lenses were kindly sponsored by PinkyParadise.com
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