[Review] Cosplay Wig - Bleach - Kuchiki Byakuya - Sponsored by UNIQSO

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi, lovelies! Like I mentioned in the Seashell Sclera Lenses review I did a while ago, I really wanted to dress up as Tomie last halloween, and UNIQSO was very kind to sponsor me with the Sclera Lenses and this Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach) Wig. (This review doesn't have anything to do with the character. Sorry if I misled you, haha). They actually have many other black wigs to choose from that would've been much more suitable for a Tomie Cosplay, but I picked this one since I wanted to review one that didn't have a review yet. My mistake.


The texture of the hair is very dry and stiff, unlike the Lolita AG Wig which had incredibly soft and smooth hair. When I first was about to try it out on I wanted to brush it through since it was very clumped together. I always use my trustworthy wooden brush with swine bristles when I brush my wigs since this, along with brushing the hair starting from the tips and working my way up, is the most gentle and effective method to brush wigs in my opionion, but even when doing this the hair immediately started to get tangled, so I gave up halfway and just put it on the way it was. It was impossible to brush it thoroughly without me having to break the hairs to undo the knots that had formed after my attempt to brush the wig.


As you might have noticed, the wig didn't originally have bangs. I was aware of this and thought that I can just cut them myself, which I did. I managed to cut them to look decent, but for some reason even cutting the wig was troublesome.

One more thing that added to my displeasure was the weird shape of the wig (You can see it clearly on top of my head in the picture of my back). It didn't fit my head at all even though I adjusted the straps inside of the wig. There are ways to fix this and the lace cap inside of the wig usually adjusts to your head the more you wear it, but doing that would just be way too troublesome for me since I only wanted to use this wig for a Cosplay and probably never use it again after that.

Now, I always think that 'you get what you pay for', so I usually don't mind if a product has low quality if I didn't pay much (I got this wig for free, but since this is an honest review I'm thinking about it as if I bought it with my own money). However, this wig is actually quite pricey. I wouldn't have been this harsh if it was a cheap wig, but this wig is actually $25.90 which is way too overpriced considering the quality.

Just like with the Sclera Lenses, I chose this wig myself and I can't really blame my displeasure on anyone else. I was just really unlucky to choose 2 products which absolutely didn't work for me.

There's not much more to say about this wig because in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. However, I do recommend you to check out UNIQSO's other wigs since they have so many more to choose from, and I have never ever been disappointed with any of their products, with the exception of this wig and the Sclera Lenses.

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