[Review] UNIQSO - Lolita Wig AG

Saturday, April 18, 2015

cs-143a-Lolita-wig-700x700Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review and this is actually the first time I review a wig. I got this wig from UNIQSO a really long time ago (sometime at the end of last year if I recall correctly). I postponed this review until now since I went on vacation shortly after receiving the wig, and since I've been busy with LVLUP since the beginning of this year, It simply just slipped out of my mind. However, since I am really getting back on track with my blog, I really want to focus on getting all of my drafts and old projects out there - starting with this review! Now, let's get to it.

First of all, I don't use wigs very often, and never when I go out. The only time I use wigs is when I take self-portraits and so on, which also isn't very often. Therefore, I'm kind of picky when it comes to wigs, because since I don't use them often I want to make sure that I pick one that I really like and will actually use from time to time. I thought this wig was really pretty when I saw it and I'm so glad that I chose this one because it has become one of my most used wigs ever.

Firstly, what I really like about it is the design. It's quite full and has nice volume which creates a really nice shape, unlike some other wigs that just lay completely flat on my head which looks really weird. The curls are big, soft and bouncy and the bangs were already perfectly cut so I didn't have to trim or adjust anything at all. It also has a little braid on the left side. It's a cute touch but I don't really care much about it so I un-braided(?) it, which was very easy. Even though the hairs are synthetic, they feel nice and soft and this wig actually looks a lot more like realistic hair compared to other synthetic wigs I've tried. It's actually very similar to my 'Gyaru Wig' which is also one of my all time favorites! I can really tell that this is a good quality wig. However, it does look really shiny in photos taken with flash since it is a synthetic wig after all.

cs-143a-Lolita-wig-c-700x700     cs-143a-Lolita-wig-b-700x700

Another thing I love about this wig is its color. It's very unique but still gives off a soft and romantic vibe. The color itself is hard to describe, but If I had to give it a name I would call it a Dark Strawberry Blonde. The color actually varies a lot depending on what kind of lighting it's exposed to. I've seen some other pictures of this wig and it always looks almost completely different in every picture. As you can see in my pictures, the color of the wig looks very vivid and purple because of the lighting (the pictures were taken in daylight from a window, on a winter afternoon, which creates a very cold light) - I personally love that! - but I would say that the true color is more close to the pictures from UNIQSO, just a little more to the pink side than the pictures show.

SAM_3475     SAM_3375

At last but not least, I want to say that this is actually one of the few wigs I've owned that hasn't gotten tangled at all despite that I've used it so much. Like I mentioned, the hair is really soft which makes it easy to maintain and keep it looking nice. Most of my wigs get really tangled and gross after I used them only a couple of times, so I'm actually very happy about this one!

If you want to see a few more pics of me wearing this wig, you can check out my Instagram a little while back. Oh, and I also realized that I'm even wearing this wig in my profile picture here on my blog!

I'm not an expert when it comes to wigs and I'm not a 100% sure what you guys would like to know about it, so if you think there is anything that I left out that I should include, please let me know in the comments.

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