[Review] Etude House Secret Brush 121, Brush 110 Dual Concealer, Brush 311 Eye-Blending & Brush 312 Eye-Point

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another Review. This time I will be reviewing 4 Etude House 'My Beauty Tool' Makeup Bushes. I've only tried one of their Makeup Brushes before, and since I liked it so much I wanted to try out a few more.


As the title of this post suggests, I got the Secret Brush 121, Brush 110 Dual Concealer, Brush 311 Eye-Blending & Brush 312 Eye-Point.


Secret Brush 121
I've tried quite a few foundation brushes but I never really found one that I really like. However, I absolutely love this foundation brush and it's the only thing I use when I apply my BB Cream or Foundation. It spreads out my BB Cream very evenly and helps to create a flawless coverage. The sponge erases all the lines and edges that might appear after applying the BB Cream with the brush, and it gives pretty much the same effect as any beauty blender. Even though I already have a couple of beauty blenders, I think it's really neat that a sponge is included. However, I'm not sure where or how I am supposed to store it which is a little bothersome. Right now I've just put it on my Etude House Makeup Table.

SAM_0169          SAM_0177

Brush 110 Dual Concealer
To be honest I haven't been able to fully try this brush out. I only use cream type concealers and I find it a bit tricky to use this brush with those, so I can't really say too much about this brush until I have tried using it with different types of concealers. It does work well and contributes to cover my imperfections, it's just that the application process isn't as smooth as I would want it to be and I have to do a great deal of blending. However, these syntethic brushes usually work best with liquid concealers (which is something I don't have/use right now), and I would also say that it works better if you need heavy concealing/coverage.

SAM_0181          SAM_0182

Brush 311 Eye-Blending
This brush really gives me control when I blend my eyeshadow, and I absolutely love it. When I apply eyeshadow I usually like to blend it, but only very slightly, which is exactly what this does. I have a couple of other blending brushes which I didn't really like or use that much since I think they blend way too much and don't give me the control I want, like this brush. The hairs of this brush are very soft and fluffy, but still dense, which is why it gives better control of the blending and gives me a nice and even result. This has been very useful since I hadn't had a similar brush to this one before, but it is exactly what I have needed. I use it all the time!
SAM_0180          SAM_0179

Brush 312 Eye-Point
This brush is great for detailed eyeshadow application, and it allows me to easily create soft and clean lines wherever I want. I always use this when I apply eyeshadow on my lower lash line or if I want to tightline my upper lashline with eyeshadow, create a soft wing etc. It's good for so many different things! I did have a lot of non-brand brushes like these that I got really cheaply from eBay, but I didn't really like any of them since the quality of the brush is actually very important. The hairs of this brush are also very soft but the brush itself is dense which is why it can create so clean lines.
SAM_0186          SAM_0184

I've tried a lot of different makeup brushes - both high-end and low-end - and the difference between the two is usually incredibly huge, but one thing that all of these Etude House brushes have in common is that they are all very high quality despite the affordable price. I really like all of them and I'm so glad that I got them, but my favorite out of these are definitely the Secret 121 Brush and the 311 Eye-Blending.

Oh, and btw, I had just used and tried out all of these brushes right before taking pictures for this review, so I apologize about them being a little bit dirty. However, this brings me to the actual cleaning process. When it comes to cleaning they are not any different from any other brushes. To clean the brushes with soft hair and the sponge, I just use regular shampoo. For the synthetic brushes I use washing soap.

Anyhow, I really want to show the application process and how good these brushes actually are, but since it was a little hard to explain in words and hard to get in a photo, I made a video for you! Here is a video where I demonstrate all of these brushes and cover a little bit of basic information about them.

Would you like me to include videos like this for future reviews too? This was my first time doing a video review, so feel free to let me know what you think!

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Thanks for reading!

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