[Review] Etude House Look At My Eyes Café BR402 & BR406 and Look At My Eyes Jewel BR408

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi, lovelies! The other day I made a post about my order at TesterKorea.com and some of the things I got were these Etude House Eyeshadows. I got the Etude House Look At My Eyes Café BR402 & BR406 and Look At My Eyes Jewel BR408. In this post I will be reviewing these amazingly pretty eyeshadows.

From left to right: Look At My Eyes Café BR402 Cafe Mocha/까페모카, Look At My Eyes Café BR406 Ginger Milk Tea/진자밀크티, Look At My Eyes Jewel 408 Moonlight Darling/달빛달링

The eyeshadows in natural lighting.

Look At My Eyes Café BR402 Cafe Mocha
This is a deep chocolate brown eyeshadow. It's very pigmented, buildable, and has a slightly satin finish when applied. The color is a perfect dark brown, but I was actually a little surprised by the shiny finish. I would've preferred it to be more matte. However, the satin finish is really not that prominent and this still works perfectly as a basic dark brown eyeshadow which is great to create depth to your eye makeup.

Look At My Eyes Café  BR406 Ginger Milk Tea
This is a neutral taupe eyeshadow. Similar to the Cafe Mocha, it has a very smooth and velvety feel but has a more matte finish. It's a perfect eyeshadow for a natural eye makeup base or shading/contour. It's neither too warm nor too greyish which is usually a problem for me when it comes to contouring shades. This exactly the kind of shade I've been looking for. It does have a slightly pinkish tone to it in some lighting, but you can see the true color of it in the pictures of the swatches on my hand and when I used it in my eye makeup in the pictures below.

Look At My Eyes Jewel BR408 Moonlight Darling
This is a beautiful glitter type eyeshadow. The texture is quite grainy since this is a glitter type shadow and isn't as smooth as the regular eyeshadows, but it still goes on nice and smoothly. This eyeshadow mainly consists of glitter, and the glitter itself is mostly silver but when looking closely I can also see hints of gold and pink. The base color is almost completely transparent, but it does have a slightly pearly beige tone to it. This is very similar to the eyeshadow I had in BR405 and I wanted to compare them side by side, but unfortunately I dropped my BR405 on the floor the other day. They are very similar and it's hard to distinguish the two at first glance, but I can say that the biggest difference between them is that the BR405 has a slightly darker and more prominent base color and also has a slightly warmer tone to it. I like both of them, but I would say that this one is more suitable if you want to create a glittering but subtle eye makeup look or use it on top of any eyeshadow to add a touch of glitter.

SAM_5392    SAM_5265
Swatches from top to bottom: BR408 Moonlight Darling, BR406 Ginger Milk Tea & BR402 Cafe Mocha. 2 layers applied with a cotton swab (left picture) and 2 layers applied with my fingers (right picture).

SAM_5425    SAM_5424
Here you can see what the eyeshadows actually look like when applied in real life. I applied Ginger Milk Tea as a Base all over my upper eyelid and I also used it to fill in my eyebrows and to accentuate my "eye bags".  I used Cafe Mocha on the outer V and lastly I applied Moonlight Darling in the center for some volume and shimmer. The colors are very true to what they actual look like in real life in these pictures. However, I applied Cafe Mocha pretty lightly. It can be built up to be a lot darker. In my opinion, Ginger Milk Tea and Cafe Mocha are perfect eyeshadows to use for a natural daytime look, and for night time you could just darken Cafe Mocha and add Moonlight Darling to add some glamour!

The quality of Etude House's eyeshadows is really amazing. I only have these 3 at the moment but I will definitely be getting more of them. I love that Etude House has a lot of various colors to choose from and frequently add new colors to their eyeshadow collections. Hae you tried Etude House's eyeshadows and do you have any favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments!
Thank you for reading and bye for now, lovelies.

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