New Camera - Canon Powershot SX50 HS

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hi, lovelies! So, I bought a studio flash set some time ago and It turned out that it wasn't compatible with my camera. I tried to solve the problem by looking for wireless flash triggers, sync cables, etc. but I just couldn't find anything! I was obviously pretty bummed out because of this. However, I urgently needed a camera and a flash to go with it since I need it for an upcoming project, so I simply went ahead and got a new camera. I really love my Samsung NX1000 that I have been using up until now, and I did find some flashes that go with it, but like I said, this was an urgent situation and If I would've bought the flash for my NX1000 I would have to wait for about a month before receiving it which wasn't time I had to spare. I will still keep using my NX1000 and will eventually get better accessories for it too.

Anyhow, I was looking at quite a few cameras and tried to choose carefully before I got a new one. I wanted a user-friendly camera which would allow me to shoot high quality photos and videos despite my low budget, which is very similar to my NX1000. But most importantly I wanted a camera that would actually benefit me and had other features to offer than my NX, not only because I needed a camera with a better flash. In the end I decided to go with the Canon Powershot SX50 HS. Now, I'm not a professional when it comes to cameras and photography and I'm still learning about all of the aspects, but I really like this camera so far!

I mentioned the things I was looking for in my new camera, and this one pretty much does the job, but since I wanted a camera with some different features, let me tell you a little about some of the features that I like about this camera and what makes it different from my NX.

 One of the main reasons why I got this camera was because of the Vari-angle LCD Screen. I was simply really charmed by the fact that I would be able to actually see myself when taking self-portraits or filming myself for future videos, which is something I haven't been able to do earlier.

I'm still a beginner when it comes to photography and haven't handled many different cameras yet, especially the more advanced ones. Therefore, it was important for me to find a user-friendly camera. Even though this camera is a little trickier to use than the Samsung NX1000, I still find it very user-friendly. I was able to grasp the aspects of it pretty fast, without the user manual, just by playing around with it a bit by taking photos and trying out all of the different features while doing so.

This camera also has 50x Optical Zoom (24-1200mm), which is ridiculously much compared to my NX1000 with only a teeny-tiny 2.50x Zoom (20-50mm, 30-77mm eq.). I never cared much about Zoom before, but I really want to use it more from now on.


Both this camera and my NX are great cameras in their own way. What I like about my NX is that it's easier to handle and is also a bit faster when it comes to taking photos. What I like more about the PowerShot is, like I said, the Vari-angle LCD Screen which is why I will mainly use the PowerShot for when I want to take self-portraits or check myself out when recording videos. And since this camera also has a crazy Zoom feature, I really want to explore that area further since it's something I haven't done before.

I feel like I've written a little more than I originally intended to, haha. Instead of just introducing my new camera, this post turned into a mini-comparison/review between the Canon Powershot SX50 HS and the Samsung NX1000. I'm a bit biased with my NX so I just had to throw it in here too. Anyhow, take everything I've mentioned with a grain of salt since this is only my opinion, and in the end it's all about personal taste. I'm really curious about what kinds of cameras other people prefer/are using. Are you into photography? And If you do, which camera do you use? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and bye for now!

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