Depend Nail Polish - 2015 Spring Colors! (No.335, No.399, No.410 & No.420)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I got myself a few new nail polishes when I was browsing a random store and I just had to have these as soon as I saw them. SAM_2107 These are apparently new colors for Spring 2015. I couldn't find them on Depend's website tho. Anyway, Depend's nail polishes are really cheap and they always have many pretty shades to choose from. I really love all of these shades but I was especially happy to find the Glitter Polish (No.335) since I've run out of my O.P.I in Techno, and this one from Depend works absolutely fine as a substitute for now.

Which Colors do you prefer to wear on your nails for spring? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Beautiful colours! Sparkles are always a winner with me :D

    Also i love your (new?) blog layout, so so pretty!

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

    1. Glitter all the way!
      Thanks, dear! I'm glad you like it ^-^

  2. These polishes are so pretty! And I think they're perfect for making a galaxy nail art!


    1. Oh, you're right! I didn't even think about that, haha~ ^-^;;
      I'll definitely use them the next time I do a galaxy nail art!