UNIQSO Mother's Day Promotion & Gift Vouchers

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hi, lovelies! Mother's day is coming up around the world (and has already passed in some countries), and UNIQSO is having a special Mother's Day Promotion so we can show our hard-working and loving mothers some extra appreciation. Keep reading below to see what this awesome promotion has to offer!

Though every day is a mother’s day; her selfless devotion that is beyond limits deserves an embarkment of an annual day- A day that is solely deigned & dedicated to repay her. Avail tremendous discounts on the following brands this Mother’s Day & feel the bliss of transforming her into a Glam Mom. Remember, age is just a number? – You only need to prove it.

- With any 2 out of these items ordered, you can enjoy lower DHL express shipping!
- Up to 20% discount for these items.
- Free Skin79 VIP gold bb cream 5g (worth $5.90) when you purchased Skin79 VIP gold bb cream - 40g. Just add the free bb cream to your cart and checkout with Normal/Sales Promotion checkout.
- Get a pair of free Barbie/Kawayii/ Lens Story lenses for yourself when you order any below 3 items. Just add the free lenses to your cart and checkout with Normal/Sales Promotion checkout.

These gorgeous lenses are only a few of the ones that are available for this offer. Click here to check out all of the lenses and products that are included in this promotion!

Treat your mother like a queen at this sacred day with Korean skin care products, cosmetics & circle contact lenses. Make her feel young at heart & take your ‘mother daughter’ bond a level ahead by buying her Uniqso’s gift vouchers. With a gift voucher; you provide her the liberty of taking a merry dive into the world of beauty.

Just a humble reminder; UNIQSO’s value each mother irrespective of her caste, creed or race. Under our CSR program; we pay a portion of our profits to UNICEF battered mothers who are unable to receive the deserving attention. Make your mother happy by placing your orders with us, as this way you will be making many neglected moms merrier than ever!

New Makeup Pouch ♡

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I got myself a new and super cute Makeup Bag. I've been using my trustworthy Makeup Bags from FACE Stockholm for the longest time now. I like them a lot but they've gotten quite dirty and are almost impossible to get completely clean, so I went ahead and got this one instead. I noticed this bag when I was browsing a random store (as usual) and I just had to have it as soon as I saw it (also as usual, haha)! I love when I find cute stuff like this at stores where I least expect to find stuff like this (for a really good price)! SAM_2251
Pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations and the design with the lace, ribbon and polka-dot pattern is just absolutely gorgeous! The inside doesn't have as many storage spaces as my makeup bags from FACE Stockholm, but it's still good enough for me since it's quite spacious. (And it's just so cute, so who cares about that anyway, right?)


Now that I'm looking at it, I realized that this Makeup Pouch actually reminds a lot of the old Dolly Wink & CandyDoll Style. You know, the Japanese Makeup Brands by Tsubasa Masuwaka. A lot of their stuff used to be pink with black polka dots/stripes and bows! I kind of miss the time when their products used to look like that now that I think about it. Anyhow, what Makeup Bag are you currently using? Feel free to let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

I'm Moving to Seoul!

Hi, lovelies! I've previously mentioned this a little here and there, but after much thinking, planning and many arrangements, I finally want to make an official statement about it - I'm moving to Seoul this Summer!

I've been tired of life in Sweden for a long time now, and after traveling to many different countries, I decided to head for Seoul. I can't really put my finger on it, but there was something about Seoul that made me feel really comfortable and at home, and I could definitely see myself living there.

However, I actually haven't decided exactly how long I'm going to stay yet. For now, I've planned to stay for about 1 year, and during that time I'm going to study and eventually look for a job. But in any case, I know that I will definitely want to go back to Sweden to visit my family every now and then, so I guess you could say that I will be pending between Sweden and Seoul. And who knows, things might not go as I planned and I might want to go back to Sweden earlier.

Anyhow, now to the question that many people have been asking me: What about LVLUP?
We will continue our activities as usual. Since we are an independent group, we do all of our work from our homes and adjust our schedules to whatever suits us. I already live quite far from Impa and Victoria to begin with, so we rarely actually meet up to work on our projects. Right now, we are purely based online, so there won't be a huge difference from what we are doing now. And actually, both of them are going to Seoul to study for a few months too, so we will have plenty of time to work on material for LVLUP together. The only times we actually will have to be together physically is when we want to film music videos. However, since I will go back to Sweden occasionally, and the girls also like to visit Seoul whenever they can, that won't be an issue. So with that said, don't worry about us! I still want to put 100% into LVLUP and my music. However, even if what we are doing right now works for us, we can't know what the future holds. We do the best we can with what we have right now, but you never know what may or may not happen. Our situation might change in the future depending on how everything goes. But in any case, we would really appreciate if you keep supporting LVLUP. Let's hope for the best!

As for everything else I do, I will keep blogging and use my social media as usual. My shop will also continue to be open for business and since I'm moving to Seoul, I might even be able to expand my shop by adding lots of new products since it will be easy for me to stock up on the huge variety of clothing, skincare, cute things and more stuff that Seoul has to offer.

There are many other things I would like to say about this, but for now, I mainly wanted to announce that I'm actually moving and I wanted to clear a few things up. I will definitely tell you more about all of this in the future and keep you updated! (I'm actually thinking about making a vlog about this too. If I do, I will add it here later).
Thank you for reading, and bye for now lovelies!

[Review] SeeShell Sclera Lens - Evil Washout Sclera - Sponsored by UNIQSO

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hi, lovelies! This will be a pretty short review with only one picture, because in all honesty, my experience with these lenses was pretty bad. And instead of rating all the categories, I'm just going to tell you about my overall experience.

So, I wanted to do a Tomie Cosplay for Halloween last year, and UNIQSO was kind enough to sponsor me with these Sclera lenses and an additional wig (which I will also review) that I thought would suit the Cosplay. I'm really used to Circle Lenses and have been using them since I was 13 years old, so I didn't think I would have a problem with Sclera lenses at all.

SAM_2665However, I was wrong. I had so much trouble getting these into my eyes! When I finally managed to get them in, my eyes hurt a lot and wouldn't stop running, and I couldn't see ANYTHING. I was literally blind like a bat and all I could see was white blur. I made sure that I was wearing them the right way before I put them in, but I even took them out and turned them inside out just in case I'd made a mistake. But this just made things worse. So after putting them back in "normally", I went ahead and tried to take some pictures even though my tears wouldn't stop running and I couldn't see anything. Anyhow, my vision was so bad and my Makeup had become so messed up that I didn't get any decent shots, but I will at least share the one picture that I managed to make look good (to the left). And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering how much I had to edit it because of my messed up Makeup. I didn't even wanna try to put them in and take new pictures again since I was obviously hurting my eyes, a lot. I was really disappointed by this since the lenses do look really cool and I really wanted to use them for my Cosplay and could've taken so many nice pictures.

This was the very first time that I have ever had a bad experience with the lenses I've gotten from UNIQSO. I'm a little sad about this since they are always so nice to me, so I feel bad about writing a negative review, which is why I post-poned this for so long. However, we both agreed that I should post my honest review even though it will be negative, which I think is absolutely amazing from their part! Their service is always amazing and like I mentioned, I've never ever had a bad experience with them before. I'm really the only one to blame in this case since I was the one who chose these lenses to begin with.

If there is anything else you'd like to know about these lenses, please let me know. I just thought that sharing my overall experience was the most important in this case.

Anyhow, despite this little mishap, I highly recommend UNIQSO and all of their lenses, except for the Sclera lenses, especially if you have sensitive eyes. If you still would like to get these, feel free to check them out.

Use my Discount code 'RGS10' to get 10% off on your order at UNIQSO.

[Review] Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil / 이니스프리 더 그린티 씨드 오일

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review. This time I will review Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil.

Before I review this product I want to talk a little about my skin type and why I chose this product. I've always had oily/combination skin and I've had problems with acne since I was 13 years old. My skin has rapidly improved ever since I started taking medication for my acne, but my skin has become very dry and dull because of this. I think a lot of people forget about how important it is to moisturize your skin even if you have trouble with acne. I could talk forever about this subject, but to keep it short: If your skin becomes dry, wheter if it's because of the weather or the products you use, the acne will become aggravated and it will only get worse. However, the tricky thing is to find the right moisturizer for you. I've always included some type of moisturizer in my skin care routine, but my skin would still become dry or break out.

I found out about this product through Youtube and it was recommended for oily/combination skin that lacks moisture, which is exactly the problem I have. It's supposedly deeply moisturizing without being too rich. When I read more about it online, I noticed that It has gotten a lot of praise and a lot of people loved it, so I just had to give it a try. So with that said, let's take a closer look at the Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

Innisfree: "Anti-oxidative oil made with Jeju green tea seeds for deep moisturization and nourishment.
2014 New Upgrade. A moisturizing and nourishing face oil with eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea & green tea seeds. More moisturizing and refreshing!

1. 151 green tea seeds from the Jeju island
A moisturizing and nourishing face oil containing the energy of Jeju.

2. Powerful anti-oxidative effect from the green tea and green tea seeds
Vitamin E and the amino acid restores moisture to the skin.

3. A luxurious texture with added moisture
The green tea and cotton seed oil fills moisture inside the skin, eliminating shine."

The green tea seed oil (30%), dicaprylyl carbonate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sucrose polycottonseedate, squalene, sunflower oil, fragrance, The green tea extract, citrus peel extract, prickly pear extract, orchid extract, camellia leaf extract, butylene glycol

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil   Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

Innisfree: "As the final stage of your basic skincare, apply 2-3 drops of the oil. Gently pat with both palms to allow nutrients and moisture to absorb into your skin, creating a clear complexion."

I used to dispense about 4 drops, but I cut down to 2-3 like the directions say since that's more than enough for my face and neck. I rub it between the palms of my hands to warm it up, and I then gently pat it onto my skin. Finally, I finish off my skin care routine with my favorite sunblock cream.

This Oil comes in a cleverly designed carton. It's quite cute and I found it kind of cool how the box unfolded. The bottle is quite small and made out of sturdy glass, which makes it easy to store and to bring with me if I go somewhere. The handle of the pipette is made out of some kind of rubber and the pipette itself is made out of glass which also seems to be quite sturdy, but I would still recommend to treat it with care since it might break if you handle it carelessly.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

This has a very strong and earthy scent, and at first I actually thought that it was quite masculine. I usually don't mind scented products as long as the scent isn't too strong, but I was actually overwhelmed by the scent of this one when I first tried it; I thought I was about to put an after shave on my face. Don't get me wrong though! It's a lovely scent, but the reason why I don't like strongly scented products is because those usually irritate my sensitive skin. However, that was actually not the case with this one at all, so I think that (at least most of) the scent is natural. I've gotten used to the scent by now and I actually quite like it. I don't mind it at all anymore since it doesn't irritate my skin one single bit which was the only thing the scent made me worry about.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil   Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

This transparent oil is very watery and light-weight compared to other oils which is probably one of the reasons why it's so good to moisturize oily skin. It's quite runny at first, but when I rub it between my hands it feels more solid. It definitely feels like an oil, but it's not as slippery as most other oils.

If you have oily/combination skin and/or are prone to acne, rich oils, unlike this one, will probably leave you looking very oily and can eventually cause break-outs. This oil absorbs very quickly into my skin and deeply moisturizes it just as it claims and It doesn't make my face look oily at all. The only area where it does leave a very slightly oily feeling is the sides of my forehead. 

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil   Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil
Here, I applied the oil and lightly rubbed it onto the back of my hand. It has not been absorbed yet.

Every time I use this oil I'm amazed by how healthy my complexion looks. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and gives it a beautiful and subtle glow which lasts all day! And the best thing of all, I haven't gotten a single pimple or dry patch on my face ever since I started using this. My skin texture has finally become balanced and normal, and I hope that it's a result that will last. I have definitely found the perfect moisturizer for my oily/combination skin!

One more thing that absolutely love about this oil is that it works incredibly well to mix with foundation to create naturally glowing skin without making it look oily. This was a tip I saw on Youtube which was also a reason that I got it in the first place. I was a little sceptic towards trying it at first since I thought it would make my foundation smear and fade, but I was surprised by how well it worked for me! I apply the oil and a sun screen as the last steps of my morning skincare routine, and I additionally mix 1 drop of oil with my Foundation or BB Cream before applying it on my face. I then set it with a little translucent powder in the places where it usually gets oily. The result is absolutely amazing and lasts all day! Doing this makes the foundation go on so smoothly and it leaves my skin looking flawless with a healthy glow, which is something that has been very hard for me to achieve. Before I got this oil, my foundation/BB Cream would usually make my skin look very dry and patchy after a while no matter what I did. However, my skin does look a little oily at the end of the day, but all I need to do is touch it up with a little BB Cream or foundation and my skin will look fresh again! It's so much easier to touch-up a oily face than a dry one, so I chose this over the other any day!

Yes, yes, and yes! I will keep repurchasing this every time I run out of it, and maybe even get an extra bottle just in case. The only downside about it is that it's quite pricey (Almost $35!) considering that it only contains 30ml of product. I've used it once a day for about a week now and it looks like I've already used about 1/4 of it (It's rounded at the top which makes it look like I've used more than I actually have tho). However, I can bear with the price for now since this oil is just absolutely amazing, which I think I've made perfectly clear in this whole post. I think I just have to use it more sparingly from now on since I used to dispense more drops than recommended. Anyway, the only reason I would ever replace it would be if I find a cheaper alternative that works as well as this. But until then, I am a slave for this face oil.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

Are you as crazy about Skincare and Makeup as I am? In that case, feel free to Check out w2Beauty.com! They have loads of products from Korean Skin Care and Make Up brands! You can click this link or use my code '147034811' when you register as a costumer to receive a $5 Voucher Code which you can use at their shop immediately!

Disclaimer! This review is not sponsored. I bought this product with my own money and everything I've said in this review is my honest opinion.

Depend Nail Polish - 2015 Spring Colors! (No.335, No.399, No.410 & No.420)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I got myself a few new nail polishes when I was browsing a random store and I just had to have these as soon as I saw them. SAM_2107 These are apparently new colors for Spring 2015. I couldn't find them on Depend's website tho. Anyway, Depend's nail polishes are really cheap and they always have many pretty shades to choose from. I really love all of these shades but I was especially happy to find the Glitter Polish (No.335) since I've run out of my O.P.I in Techno, and this one from Depend works absolutely fine as a substitute for now.

Which Colors do you prefer to wear on your nails for spring? Let me know in the comments!

lovelishop New Items

Hi, lovelies! I just want to let you know that I added some new items to lovelishop, and even more will be added soon! I'm letting go of some of my most beloved items since I haven't been able to use them at all and won't be taking them with me when I move. To be honest, it's breaking my heart, but I hope that someone else will like them as much as I do and put them to use. Here are some of the things that have been added to my shop recently:



Click the pictures to check them out! And don't forget that you can use the discount code 'LOVELISHOP10' to get 10% off on all items.

lovelishop 1st Sale - 10% off on all items!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I recently started Lovelishop's first promotion! You can use the code 'LOVELISHOP10' at checkout to get 10% off on all items at lovelishop.storenvy.com

In addition to the sale, I have also lowered the price on loads of items. If you have any questions, just leave a comment or send me an email at lovelipoplin@gmail.com. Prices are negotiable and I'm also open to sell privately if you live in Sweden.

Just a friendly reminder - Since most of the items are things I originally bought for myself (but never ended up using), there is only 1 of each item! If you see something you like, make sure to get it before it's sold out.

Lovelishop has loads of both pre-loved and brand new clothing, so feel free to check it out and share this with your friends to help me find new homes for my most beloved items. Happy shopping!

SYNDROME Accessories [SALE]

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello, lovelies! Syndromestore.com is having a SALE where your can get an accessory and get an additional accessory for 30% off! The discount applies after adding the items to your cart. This applies to all of their accessories, but I picked out some of my favorites for you to check out.

I really like chokers and I actually have the heart Choker in Black; I absolutely love it!

These are two more items that I already own and love. My BOY cap has been my favorite cap of all time ever since I got it. I have the Studded beanie in Mint, but I would love to have it black too.

I've seen quite a lot of pictures of people wearing these tights, so they seem to be quite popular. Anyhow, they are super cute and would be perfect for spicing up a simple outfit to make it look even cuter. 

Cute socks like these go perfect together with 'lolita shoes'. I know there's another name for the types of shoes I mean, but I just can't remember what they're called. The lace wristbands are also really cute and simple. Both of these items are perfect fore adding a sweet touch to any outfit.

Like I said, these are only a few of my favorite items out of all the cute stuff SYNDROME has. Feel free to check out all of their accessories at Syndromestore.com

Don't forget to use my Discount Code 'lvluplilin' for a 5% Discount on your order from SYNDROME!

[Review] UNIQSO - Lolita Wig AG

Saturday, April 18, 2015

cs-143a-Lolita-wig-700x700Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review and this is actually the first time I review a wig. I got this wig from UNIQSO a really long time ago (sometime at the end of last year if I recall correctly). I postponed this review until now since I went on vacation shortly after receiving the wig, and since I've been busy with LVLUP since the beginning of this year, It simply just slipped out of my mind. However, since I am really getting back on track with my blog, I really want to focus on getting all of my drafts and old projects out there - starting with this review! Now, let's get to it.

First of all, I don't use wigs very often, and never when I go out. The only time I use wigs is when I take self-portraits and so on, which also isn't very often. Therefore, I'm kind of picky when it comes to wigs, because since I don't use them often I want to make sure that I pick one that I really like and will actually use from time to time. I thought this wig was really pretty when I saw it and I'm so glad that I chose this one because it has become one of my most used wigs ever.

Firstly, what I really like about it is the design. It's quite full and has nice volume which creates a really nice shape, unlike some other wigs that just lay completely flat on my head which looks really weird. The curls are big, soft and bouncy and the bangs were already perfectly cut so I didn't have to trim or adjust anything at all. It also has a little braid on the left side. It's a cute touch but I don't really care much about it so I un-braided(?) it, which was very easy. Even though the hairs are synthetic, they feel nice and soft and this wig actually looks a lot more like realistic hair compared to other synthetic wigs I've tried. It's actually very similar to my 'Gyaru Wig' which is also one of my all time favorites! I can really tell that this is a good quality wig. However, it does look really shiny in photos taken with flash since it is a synthetic wig after all.

cs-143a-Lolita-wig-c-700x700     cs-143a-Lolita-wig-b-700x700

Another thing I love about this wig is its color. It's very unique but still gives off a soft and romantic vibe. The color itself is hard to describe, but If I had to give it a name I would call it a Dark Strawberry Blonde. The color actually varies a lot depending on what kind of lighting it's exposed to. I've seen some other pictures of this wig and it always looks almost completely different in every picture. As you can see in my pictures, the color of the wig looks very vivid and purple because of the lighting (the pictures were taken in daylight from a window, on a winter afternoon, which creates a very cold light) - I personally love that! - but I would say that the true color is more close to the pictures from UNIQSO, just a little more to the pink side than the pictures show.

SAM_3475     SAM_3375

At last but not least, I want to say that this is actually one of the few wigs I've owned that hasn't gotten tangled at all despite that I've used it so much. Like I mentioned, the hair is really soft which makes it easy to maintain and keep it looking nice. Most of my wigs get really tangled and gross after I used them only a couple of times, so I'm actually very happy about this one!

If you want to see a few more pics of me wearing this wig, you can check out my Instagram a little while back. Oh, and I also realized that I'm even wearing this wig in my profile picture here on my blog!

I'm not an expert when it comes to wigs and I'm not a 100% sure what you guys would like to know about it, so if you think there is anything that I left out that I should include, please let me know in the comments.

Click here to check out this gorgeous wig. You can use my Discount code RGS10 for a 10% discount on your order at UNIQSO!

[Review] 15 Color Concealer Palette (Coastal Scents Dupe) + Swatches

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these concealer palettes for a really long time because I always have a hard time deciding on which shade to choose for concealers since I need different shades for color correction and so on. I didn't really feel like getting so many separate concealers when I simply can get a whole palette with several different shades to choose from, like this one. I'm not too picky about concealers and since most cream type concealers like these have worked really well for me, I decided to get this cheap Coastal Scents Concealer Palette Dupe from eBay.

SAM_2077 My first thought when I got this concealer palette was that it was a lot smaller than I expected (that's what she said). I watched a couple of reviews that other people made about this palette, and based on that I just thought it would be a lot bigger (maybe I'm just a giant, haha). I was a little disappointed, but I can't really complain since it was so cheap (I got for about $6).

SAM_2109I really like this Concealer Palette and I'm surprised by how good the quality of the concealers actually is, especially considering how cheap it was. The coverage is good & buildable and the lastability is as good as any other concealer. The texture is really creamy and it applies smoothly. However, it might turn out to be a little too dry for some people. Just make sure to use a good moisturizer before your base makeup routine when you use this (which is something I always do since I have sensitive/combination skin). Another thing I like is that it obviously has a lot of different shades and will definitely fit almost anyone that has anything from very fair to tan skin. To my surprise, the 3 shades from the "middle row" turned out to fit my skin the best. I thought that even the 3 lightest "neutral" shades would be too dark for me, but when they are applied, the colors actually turn out a lot lighter than they appear to be. For me, most of the other shades are still perfect since I can use the lighter shades for highlighting and the darker ones for contouring. However, this palette might not be suitable for those who have dark skin with cool undertones since the only dark shades on this palette have a warm undertone. But like I mentioned earlier, there are so many different shades that are perfect for color correction and highlighting, so I definitely think it's worth giving a try no matter what skin color or undertone you have.

SAM_2110     SAM_2112

SAM_2114     SAM_2117

I hope your enjoyed this little review! Let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for reading and bye for now, lovelies!