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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello, lovelies! I was starting to run out of storage space for all of my things so I went ahead and got myself a new shelf. It actually took me quite a while to find one since I wanted a specific-looking shelf just like this one, and it was surprisingly a lot harder to find than I thought. I was even thinking about building one myself after getting so tired of looking for the one I wanted. Anyway, after looking in every possible furniture store I could think of I finally found this shelf online, however, it was only available in light brown and I really wanted it in black. But since this shelf was perfect and exactly what I was looking for I just went ahead and bought it anyway and decided to paint it black. It turned out quite nicely if I may say so myself!

So, here it is! I really like to put my favorite things on display and I finally have enough room to do so. I don't know where I got the idea but I also bought a set of small mirrors to put behind each "cube". It's kind of hard to see from afar but it creates a really nice effect. You can see it a little better in the photos I took more up-close.

As you can see there's a lot of makeup, perfumes, lotions, handheld game consoles, polaroid camera, and more! The area in the lower middle part of the shelf looks kind of empty, because that's where I usually keep my camera, which I was currently using to take these photos, obviously. Hehe.

A little closer!

Even closer! I just had to take another close-up shot of my perfumes. This is probably my favorite part of the shelf right now. I just love how shiny and brilliant the bottles look especially with the mirror behind it which, like I said, gives it a really nice touch. It looks even more pretty at night when it's darks and I turn on my desk-lamp to shine down on them.

Anyway, even though I prefer to keep my things on display, all of this stuff is only about 20% of all of my makeup & beauty products. The remaining 80% is still stashed in my makeup drawers and bathroom. Where/how do you like to store your things?
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

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