Important Announcement - lovelipop & LVLUP

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hello, lovelies. I have an important announcement to make. Due to several reasons, lovelipop has resigned from KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT and will be disbanded. We are all sad about this decision, but at the same time a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

I have been wanting to say many of the following things for a long time, and I want to share the past and current situation with you to put a proper end to this. But before you start reading this, I just want to remind you that there will always be two sides of a story, and I definitely don't want to put the blame on anyone. This is not some kind of ground-breaking sob story, but the things I'm about to tell you in this post are simply the thoughts and feelings I have had during my time in lovelipop under KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT, and the reasons why lovelipop came to an end, and why this only was for the best. Also, all of the girls in lovelipop have a mind of their own and their own personal opinions, but some of the things I will be talking about in this posts also are thoughts that we all shared.

First off, I have always dreamed of becoming an artist and I considered myself to be so lucky because I was working for someone in the music business who started his own label and was willing to form a girl group, with me as one of the members. I was thrilled about the concept of a Visual Rock/Pop Label and just the thought of working on my dream of becoming an artist in form of a member of a Visual Pop Group was more than I ever could have hoped for. Things started out on good terms, however, from the very beginning the members of lovelipop were given an image and vision for lovelipop that didn't turn out as we expected. This could all just have been a big misunderstanding, but even though most of us weren't happy with the concept and were put under unreasonable circumstances when it came to the release of our first single, we decided to keep going in hopes that things might change and that we would be able to improve lovelipop's situation in the future.

It's very hard to always have a definite plan for everything and it's impossible to predict the future, especially for a new group under a new record label that's still in development like KEIOS. However, we felt like we were being completely left out of the plans concerning lovelipop and that the plans and schedules for lovelipop in general were too unstable. We were constantly in-between uncertainty or under the sudden pressure of the release of a single or performance without any or very little previous knowledge about this. Between those two things, all we could do was wait and practice and do whatever we could by ourselves. None of us members had ever worked in the music business as artists before and we were completely inexperienced. Even though we were under a company, we didn't receive any sort of preparatory training even though it was what we needed the most, and despite this we suddenly had a lot of pressure and expectations on us when something actually happened. We felt as if we were not part of the so called KEIOS family at all which made us all feel left out and frustrated.

The reason I personally wanted to become an artist to begin with was because I wanted to make music and create concepts that I could stand for and share with the world. I wanted to grow as an artist and to express myself and the things I, and my members, wanted to share with everyone. Even though I'm only a rookie, I thought that especially KEIOS out of all the record labels out there would give me this opportunity. At this point I realized how incredibly limited our potential to develop as artists was and I realized that it would be nearly impossible for us to actually grow and develop as individuals in the nearest future if we kept going like things did back then.

In all honesty, I admit that we, the members of lovelipop, made a lot of mistakes because of the difficult situation we were in. We defied KEIOS under many occasions, especially me, because in the back of my mind I just couldn't stand the thought of being a product of someone else's vision when I was expecting something completely different for this group. Even though we might have come off as disrespectful when expressing our opinions, all we ever wanted was to improve our situation and develop lovelipop as a group. But no matter how hard we tried to compromise or solve even a simple problem, it just wasn't possible because we simply couldn't understand each other since our visions and ways of thinking were way too different. Despite this, we (lovelipop) still wanted to keep going, and as for now we still don't know exactly why KEIOS made the decision to disband lovelipop, but I can more or less guess why considering the things I have mentioned in this post, and I think that we all would have agreed to come to this conclusion if we had been asked about it. We have all been at fault and have been stuck in difficult positions.

I truthfully think that we had all rights to be disappointed and doubtful. But now that I look back at everything in the end, I realized that KEIOS just did the best they could with what they had, the idea for lovelipop was great, but it just wasn't the right thing for (most) of us in lovelipop. Despite all of this and even though I might not have shown my gratitude enough, I was actually incredibly thankful for the work that was put into lovelipop, the opportunities that we were given, and the many things I've learned during this time. If none of this had happened, I would never have met my group members whom I care so much for and had such good times with. And I would never have realized how important music and my dream of becoming an artist is to me which is the most important point of them all. Because now that I am no longer under a record label, I can work freely without any restrictions at all which will result in more productivity and material since I can put my all into it. Even though I will have work a lot harder it's all worth it, because in the end, the only thing I want to do is to share my music and the concepts I want to create, together with other ambitious people who believe in me and my abilities.

And this is where the good news begin. Since the plan for lovelipop was already very uncertain even before we disbanded, me, Impa and Victoria actually decided to start working on another project which is now our main project. I'm happy to say that the three of us have created our own group and will now go under the name of LVLUP. We have already started working on our material together with a couple of other amazing people and hope to present it to you in the nearest future. Wait for us just a little longer.

At last but not least, I also wish KEIOS the best of luck in the future and I hope that you guys will support LVLUP. I can guarantee that we will work very hard and do our best to make our dreams come true and share them with you.
Thank you so much for reading and bye for now, lovelies.


  1. With all my heart I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. ♥♥♥

  2. I was really sad to hear that you disbanded but then super happy again when I heard that you girls decided to still work together! Now you've tried working under KEIOS and that didn't work - fine - but I'm sure that you will succeed as LVLUP! I'm really looking forward to hear what you're going to come up with in the future ^o^

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. Yeah, we were all sad when we got the news too, but all of this has been a great experience for us and I hope that it will inspire us to work harder with LVLUP. Thanks for your support ♡


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