Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PP501 Cherry Lavender

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, lovelies! This review has been in my drafts forever and I realized that it might be time to actually post it. Etude House celebrated their 5th Anniversary about 2 years ago and they released two new colors of their Fresh Cherry Tints during that time. One of them is the PP501 Cherry Lavender Tint which I will be reviewing for you in this post. 

Packaging & Design
The packaging box is really cute. I'm not sure whether it looks the same or not since I got mine during their 5th Anniversary. It's already been a long time since then and the packaging might have changed, but I'm sure it still looks cute. The lip tint itself has a really simple and clean look to it.

One of the things I really like about this lip tint is that the bristles of the brush applicator are so soft and feel very gentle on the lips.

The color of this tint is called Lavender, but I would say that it's more like a grape-color; a deep pink with a cool tone in it. It didn't really give me the color I was hoping for when applying it on my bare lips. It's very similar to my natural lip color which is great if I want a more natural look, but when I applied it after applying concealer on my lips first the color turned out really pretty and vibrant. It also leaves my lips looking shiny and healthy which is really nice.

Out of all the lip products I have tried so far, this one definitely has the nicest scent. Like the name suggests, it smells like cherries. It's a very sweet and fresh scent and I absolutely love it.

bare lps        bare lips appl

ombre        concealerd

The formula feels quite thick and creamy at first but it's very light on the lips once it has settled. Etude House's lip tints are really great since they make my lips feel very moisturized, especially compared to some other lip tints I've tried from other brands which left my lips feeling really dry.

I don't know if it's because the color isn't very opaque to begin with or not, but I think the color doesn't last very long and fades quite fast. However, I actually prefer using a gentle lip tint like this that I have to reapply a few times rather than using a lip tint that has a opaque color and lasts a long time but makes my lips feel dry instead.


Even though it was a long time since Etude's 5th anniversary these lip tints are still for sale and you can easily get them online for a good price. I don't use lip tints that much but this is definitely my favorite lip tint and actually the only one I really like out of all the lip tints I've tried. When it comes to lip tints, lipsticks, etc. I always prefer the purple/lavender or pink ones with cool/blueish tones. It comes in a few other popular colors and it's definitely worth trying out if you're looking for a good lip tint that is gentle on your lips. Which is your favorite lip tint and why?
Thank you for reading and bye for now, lovelies!


  1. Seems like a really nice lip tint! Would definitely give it a try^^