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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hi, lovelies! As some of you might know I absolutely love KOKOkim and I'm especially obsessed with this particular print from their first collection. You can buy clothes from KOKOkim from a few international online stores, like YesStyle or Rakuten, but some of their clothing, especially from their earlier collections, is kind of hard to find. After searching everywhere, I finally got my hands on some of their clothes that I've wanted for a long time.


I found these amazingly cute Sweatsuit sets at Storenvy store. I actually found them by 'accident' after randomly finding a store on Storenvy and looking through what they had to offer. My jaw almost dropped when I saw that they had these sets. Haha! I can't wait to start wearing them in summer.


I got this hoodie second-hand from Mbok and the top from YesStyle. This top is one of my favorite tops ever; It's a perfect fit, and like I said, the print is just to die for. As for the hoodie I actually wanted to get the same model but with a different print, but I settled for this one since it was the only one I could find. However, I was so happy to even find a KOKOkim hoodie at all so I just had to have it!

As long as you use a good shopping service (like I do), auction sites like Mbok are really useful 'cause if you're lucky you can find sold out/discontinued items just like I found this hoodie. It's really convenient! Anyway, I'm still on the hunt for some items from KOKOkim's previous collections and I really hope I can find them. Have you ever used a shopping service to buy clothes from abroad? I would love to hear about your experience!
Bye for now, lovelies!

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