[Review] Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF34 PA++ W1 & W2

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review. This time I'm going to review the Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation in the shades W1 & W2. I first saw this being used in a makeup tutorial on Youtube. It was described to give you a dewy look and it apparently fits any skin type, so I was really eager to try it out.

This foundation contains 30ml of product and comes in 6 different shades; 3 cool tones and 3 warm tones. The key ingredients are mineral powder and juju green tea. It claims to give deep moisture, perfect coverage and a perfect fit.
IMG_0368     IMG_0361
Innisfree's Description
"Formulated with Jeju mineral ingredients and organic green tea water, this mineral moisture foundation helps to portray a dewy and sleek complexion as if essence were applied to your skin."

W1 (Light Beige) - Light yellow undertone.
W2 (Natural Beige) - Light orange undertone.

W1 is the shade that I currently use. The tone itself is the best match for me. It's a tad bit lighter than my skin color but It blends in very nicely. I also decided to try out the one in W2 which, unfortunately, was too orange compared to my skin tone which is more on the yellow/olive side.

So even if you can't find the perfect match for your color, it will blend in very nicely as long as you pick the one that is the closest to your skin color.

The coverage is great! It's nice and even, but one layer is not quite enough to cover dark circles and dark red spots completely. However, the coverage is definitely build able. No matter how much you build it up it It won't look cakey at all.

As you can see, my hand is quite speckled (my hands and feet are usually more red compared to the rest of my body, but it's annoyingly prominent in pictures), so you can clearly see what a difference this foundation makes!

IMG_03652     IMG_03672

As you can see, it blends in very nicely (even though it's not fully blended) and looks very natural whilst giving perfect coverage at the same time. And just as promised, this foundation leaves a beautiful dewy finish. It kind of looks like my own skin, but flawless and radiant.

I really love this foundation! I'm already on my second bottle (My first bottle lasted for a really long time tho) and I will keep on using it. I've pretty much given up on BB Creams since all of them are either too grey, orange or pink for my skin tone. This one just matches my skin so well. But I'm really curious about Innisfree's Cushion foundations so I'll probably try out one of those too.

Let me know if there's anything I missed about what you want to know about this foundation!

Thank you so much for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

Pink hair, don't care!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

File 11-11-15 18 02 21
Hi, lovelies! If you follow my Instagram you probably already know that I cut my hair short and dyed it pink. I just thought that I'd do a quick update about my hair here on my blog too.

Anyway, I actually ordered some toners online and will go back to silver/grey very soon! I just love silver hair and I think it's a good color for autumn and winter.

I also really need to trim my hair again and I'll either go for a shorter cut or just trim it and let it grow. What do you think?

Oh, and by the way! A little off topic but I actually recorded a tutorial for this makeup look. I'm not sure how the footage turned out tho so we'll see if I post it on my channel or not. It's just a really simple look that I wear pretty much every day. The point is that after many ups and downs after moving to Seoul, I'm finally motivated to make more videos and blog more. So anyway...

Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

[Review] ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher #7 Rose Sugar Macaron

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I made a small haul post a while ago and one of the things I got at that time was the 'Lovely Cookie Blusher #7 Rose Sugar Macaron' from ETUDE HOUSE. Let's take a closer look.

One of the things I like about this blusher is the extremely cute and simple design. I absolutely adore the puff that comes with it - It's both cute and useful! I usually always use a regular blush brush to apply my blusher, but the puff that comes with this blush works perfectly fine and it helps to create a soft look.

SAM_9190   SAM_9194
The color is a lovely rose pink with a beautiful pearly sheen and golden shimmer. The color looks quite light in the pan but it's actually more prominent once it's applied. The color is neither to sheer nor to opaque, it just creates a beautiful and soft blushing look.
The texture is very smooth and silky. It glides on like a dream and doesn't get cakey at all.
SAM_9210   SAM_9207
The color lasts a long time and still looks good at the end of the day. The blush still looks as if it had been freshly applied even though my face gets quite oily at the end of the day. This is a big plus for me since I usually go out and meet friends after work. So I don't even need to bring my blush to touch it up.

I have many blushers in various colors from different brands, 3 out of them are also Lovely Cookie Blushers, but this is by far my favourite blusher ever! What is you favorite blusher? Please let me know in the comments!
Thank you for reading and bye for now, lovelies.

My new Circle Lenses (sponsored by PinkyParadise) - Upcoming Reviews

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hi, lovelies! It's been a long time since I reviewed Circle Lenses, but It's finally time again. This time I'm doing another collaboration with PinkyParadise and they recently sent me 3 pairs of Circle Lenses. I will only review 2 of the pairs since 1 of the pairs are the Super Pinky Green lenses which I already reviewed in the past. They kindly sent me a new pair of the Super Pinky Green since one of the lenses from my previous pair broke.


As always, the package PinkyParadise sent me was carefully packaged and in addition to the lenses I also received a cute macaron lens case for each pair of lenses (+ one of those thingys that hold you hair up).The purple and pink lens case is my favourite!

The 2 pairs of lenses I'm going to review are Circle lenses that I've been wanting to try out for a really long time, so I'm really excited about working on the reviews! One of the pairs is from Vassen (in Blue) from EOS (in Grey). Can anyone guess which lenses I'm going to Review? Let me know your guesses in the comments!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Cleansing Oil & Bubble Foam - Double Cleansing

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I ran out of my Cleansing products before going to Seoul so I really had to get new ones as soon as I arrived. The first store I could think of was Skinfood since they used to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to Skincare. I really love their Black Sugar Scrub (Click the link to see my review on it), so I was really eager to try out the Black Sugar Cleansing products. I'm a slave to double-cleansing (Oil + Foam) so I went with the Black Sugar Cleansing Oil & Bubble Foam.


The oil contains 170ml of product and the foam contains 160ml. I've used them every single day for almost 3 months and they're still more than halfway full!


Black Sugar Cleansing Oil
I found that Cleansing Oil is the absolute best method to remove makeup. I used a couple of other cleansing oils in the past but this one is definitely the best one I've ever used so far. It thoroughly removes all traces of Makeup, including waterproof mascara!

Like most cleansing oils this one is quite thin and runny, it also has a pleasant scent of orange just like the black sugar scrub. Before applying, I always start off by washing and drying my hands. I then dispense 1 pump of the oil and rub it between the palms of my hands and start to apply it in circling motions all over my dry face. It feels very gentle on the skin and makes cleansing smooth and easy. It almost instantly turns into a milky white liquid (because of foundation) and after massaging my face for a minute or two I rinse it with water until I feel that most of the oil is gone.


Black Sugar Bubble Foam
After using the oil there is no sign of makeup at all but my face still feels a bit oily after rinsing which is where the foam comes in. The foam removes all of the excess oil and any eventual traces of makeup that might still be left.

The foam appears to be a clear liquid in the bottle, but once you pump it out it turns into this quite thick but light and airy foam. It feels so soft on the skin. It has a quite strong scent of orange, which at first made me think that it would make my skin  irritated or dry, but despite the strong (and somehow pleasant) scent it's very gentle on the skin and doesn't dry out my skin one single bit.

Using this 2-step cleansing routine makes my face feel so clean and extremely soft. My friend also used my cleansing oil when she slept over at my place and she too praised the oil and said how well it removed Makeup. I absolutely love both of these products and I'm pretty sure that I won't replace them anytime soon. I highly recommend them to everyone, no matter what skin type.

Feel free to ask me anything if you think I left something out. Also, what is your favourite Makeup Removal routine? Let me know in the comments!
Thank you for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

LVLUP - Beautiful MV

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hi, lovelies! LVLUP's first Single and MV was released a couple of weeks ago, but I totally forgot to share the MV here on my blog. Feel free to check it out, and it also mean a lot to us if you buy our Single on iTunes. Your support means a lot to us!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another mini haul. This time I only got a few products from ETUDE. I love ETUDE HOUSE and I pretty much buy at least one thing every time I go there. This time I got the Rosy Tint Lips in No.6 English Garden, Lovely Cookie Blusher No.7 Rose Sugar Macaron and My Beauty Tool Long Lash 02.

Long Lash 02 are one of my absolute favourite lashes. They were out of stock literally everywhere but they finally came back recently, repackaged.  

The other two products I got were also something I was eager to buy for a very long time, but I didn't get them right away since I wanted to save some money. And also,  I already have 2 of the Lovely Cookie Blushers and I don't really use them much, so I was a bit hesitant about getting another one. However, I finally decided to get another one of them anyway and I don't regret it one single bit.

I really love all of these products so much and they have probably become some out of my favourite products ever! I will do proper review on all of these lovely products very soon. So stay tuned!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

Smoky Pink Makeup Look

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I recently did a small Makeup Haul and decided to try out a look with my new eyeshadows. Click here if you want to check out the other stuff I got.

SAM_9178stampedsmaller     SAM_9175stampedsmaller
The eyeshadows I used are Etude House Look at my eyes Jewel BE107 Moon Crystal, Look at my eyes Café PP503 Taro Milk Tea & PP501 Purple Sweet Potato. The lashes are Etude House House Longlash 03. What do you think? Would you like a tutorial for this look? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

Pink Energy

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi, lovelies! Me and my girls went to Myeongdong the other day and one of the ETUDE HOUSE stores we went to (probably the biggest ETUDE store I've ever been in) had this super cute sitting area. I haven't seen anything like it in any of their other stores before, so I just wanted to share it with you. And while I'm at it, I'm also throwing in a picture of a pink rose bouquet I received the other day. It was just too beautiful not to share. Looking at it just makes me feel happy.


Also, a quick update on what I've been up to lately. Just like before I've just been hanging out with my friends a lot, but I'm currently also in the process of enrolling at a language school to improve my Korean faster. On top of that I've also been looking for an apartment, and I'm actually going to have a look at one this Friday! I'm really excited to see it and I can't wait to finally move to my own apartment. Wish me luck!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

Sushi Dinner & Traditional Korean Tea House

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hi, lovelies! So, every time I've been in Seoul I mostly hang out around Hongdae and this time is no exception since I live in Sinchon which is only 1 subway station away. I rarely go to other places since I really don't like to go by subway, especially if it's more than a 30 min ride. Anyway, my friend invited me to have some tea at a Traditional Korean Tea House in Namhansanseong which is about a 1 hour away by subway. I've never been to a place like that before so I was really excited about going there even though it was really far. And besides, we went by car so it didn't take too long to get there.

We grabbed some dinner at a small sushi restaurant nearby first. We had some salmon and I could literally eat this every day for the rest of my life!

This is the outside of the place. I didn't bring my camera so the pictures aren't that great. Sorry about that!

I was kind of caught up in spending time with my friend, so I didn't take many pictures. I kind of regret now because it was seriously so pretty and cozy there. The layout was amazing! I will at least try to explain what it was like.

The inside was pretty much just a really big room, everything was pretty much completely made out of wood. In the middle of the room there was some kind of fountain. It was so pretty! Traditional music was playing and the smell of wood was almost overwhelming, but the whole atmosphere was really relaxing. The sitting areas were located along the walls. You pretty much just sit on a pillow so you have to take off your shoes before entering.

There were so many different kinds of tea to choose from! I had green tea and my friend had... I don't know. Haha~ It was really delicious and everything looked so nice. I was actually so tired that day so this was exactly what I needed to relax. I'm so glad that I got to go there!

I really want to share more of my life in Seoul and everything this city has to offer. What would you like to see more of? Please let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

LVLUP - Beautiful - Now available on iTunes!

Hi, lovelies! LVLUP's very 1st single 'Beautiful' is now available on iTunes! It would mean a lot if you show your support by getting it. 
Click here to check it out!

Korean Makeup & Skincare Haul

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi, lovelies! So one of the first things I did when I arrived in Seoul was some shopping and I want to show you the things I got!
This is what I got: Etude House My Beauty Tool Cotton Pads, Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil, Skinfood Black Sugar Bubble Foam, Etude House Nail Polish Remover, Etude House Face Designing Brightener #Wannabe Face, Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit #02, Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream, Etude House Look at my eyes Café PP503 Taro Milk Tea, Etude House Look at my eyes Jewel BE107 Moon Crystal, Etude House Look at my eyes BR403 Caramel Latte & Etude House House Longlash 03

I also got the Wonder Pore Freshner from ETUDE HOUSE but I totally forgot to include it in the picture. It's my second bottle and since I've used it forever I simply didn't realize that I actually bought a new one.

I will post separate reviews of most of these things that I got! Let me know if you're interested in a particular product so I can post it first.
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

[MV TEASER] LVLUP - Beautiful

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I'm so happy to tell you that we from LVLUP will release our first Digital Single along with a MV this August (The planned release date is 20.08.15). 'Beautiful' will be available on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and much more (and we would really appreciate it if you buy the song on iTunes when it's released. It helps a lot!). Our small team has worked really hard together to make the song and video and I'm so thankful for everyone's hard work. Music is written by me, lyrics are by me, impa and victoria, and the MV was filmed and edited by the talented Heikki (riotcolor production), who also mixed and produced the song. Special shoutout to SEIKE who also helped us out a lot! I'm so glad that I got to work with these amazing and talented people for this project. I hope you look forward to the release as much as we do. We dropped the teaser today (check it out below), so keep a lookout on our Official Youtube Channel for the full MV. I hope that all of you will keep supporting LVLUP. Again, I want to thank our small team and all the people who have supported us so far. Thank you so much!

My first weeks living in Seoul

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hi, lovelies! Long time no blogging. As you know, I recently moved to Seoul and have been living here for the past couple of weeks. I've spent almost every single day trying to settle in and just hanging out with my friends.  It's always hard to adjust to a new country for the first few days, but I feel like I'm adjusting more and more as time passes. Things have been quite laid back so far but I'm going to register for Korean classes at a school soon and will also look for a job eventually. In addition, I even got to experience the rainy season which I'm really happy about since I love rain. As I'm getting more and more used to this environment, I will eventually start blogging again soon too. So far I only posted a few pics on Instagram, but I really want to start to blog, make videos and show you all about my life here in Seoul. Please be patient with me! Anyway, except for adjusting to life in Seoul, me and the other girls from LVLUP (+our small team) have been working hard on our first big project. It's almost done and I will announce the details very soon, so stay tuned for that!
Thanks a lot for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

ETUDE HOUSE 8-Color Palette

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi there! I saw an image of this cute 8-Color Palette from Etude house by chance and fell in love with it at first sight. I started looking at the usual online shops where I usually get products from Etude House, but I found out that this palette was pretty much completely sold out everywhere. I had to look for quite some time before I found it. At first I found it at amazon and immediately bought it. First of all, the package never arrived and the seller had to re-send it, and when I finally got it, they had sent me a completely different palette. Aaargh! I was so frustrated, at that point I didn't even care about contacting the seller again. Anyway, I started looking again after a while, and a seller on eBay had finally listed it, so yet again, I bought it immediately and not much later I finally received the palette I wanted for so long. To be honest, there's not really anything special about this palette. I just thought it was so pretty, and the thing is that once I see something that I really like (which is quite rare), I just have to have it no matter what. Anyhow, enough of backstory. Let's take a closer look at this cute eyeshadow palette.

Here's the packaging! "All of girls are born as a princess. But you have forgotten who you are! Now it's time to let your pink our." - Cute quote!

It turned out that this one actually is from Etude House Japan. I don't mind it and I'm not surprised at all since it was completely sold out everywhere else and really hard to find back when I was looking for it.

I just love this type of design! Black & pink will always be one of my favorite color combos. Kind of reminds me of Dolly Wink designs back in the day which I used to absolutely love.

I really like the big mirror, and another small detail I like is that there's a small hole next to each eyeshadow-spot so I can easily replace and re-arrange the eyeshadows. I had a smaller palette from Etude House in the past and it didn't have those little holes which actually made it a bit more difficult to replace them.

I'm usually not too fond of using the Makeup Brushes that come with items like this, but I actually really liked these and use them a lot. I was surprised by how good they actually are.

I'm really happy that I finally got a hold of this Makeup palette and it was definitely worth looking for. So far, I have only put the 4 eyeshadows from Etude House that I already had (which I obviously added after taking these pictures). I wanted to get 4 more to fill it up right away, but I thought that it will be a lot more fun to go one of the Etude House stores in Seoul and pick out the eyeshadows on the spot. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to make a part 2 of this post to show you which eyeshadows I ended up filling this palette with.
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies~

[Makeup Tutorial] Tangerine Makeup (EXID's UP&DOWN Inspired)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi, lovelies! As you know, LVLUP recently made a Cover of EXID's UP&DOWN. I think it's so much fun to try new looks and play around with makeup. Whenever we do a Cover and take pictures for it I try to make my Makeup look similar to what the other artist is wearing in the MV. So obviously, this Makeup look was inspired by the girls in UP&DOWN. All of them have similar Makeup, but I really liked Hani's Makeup so that's the look I went for and I decided to make a quick Tutorial on how I did it. Check it out!

I almost never wear Orange, Coral, Tangerine or any color like that and rarely use it when I do my Makeup, so this was actually something very different for me. The funny thing is that I'm absolutely obsessed with Orange lips now! Tangerine is actually a trendy color for Summer 2015 so I think that this is a perfect and fun Makeup look for Summer, and you can definitely pull it off as an everyday Makeup look If you skip the lower lashes.
Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!
Thanks for reading/watching and bye for now, lovelies!

[LVLUP COVER] EXID - UP&DOWN (위아래) English Version

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I mentioned in a previous post that LVLUP has a couple of new covers coming up, and I'm happy to say that we just posted one of them on our Youtube Channel. This time we made a English version Cover of EXID's UP&DOWN.

This is probably my favorite cover out of the ones we've made together as LVLUP so far. I just had a lot of fun recording the vocals for this one and I'm really happy with the result. The English lyrics were written by Impa and she also made the video. I made the images for this video and I also got the opportunity to mix the cover itself. I'm glad I got to do it since I don't have much experience in that field yet. But I'm lucky to have my girls to help me out and give me feedback. Everyone did a great job and as always I just want to take this opportunity to say that I'm happy to make covers and music with my girls.

I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I do. Please check out our cover of UP&DOWN and the other covers we have made in the past, and feel free to subscribe to LVLUP's Youtube Channel to keep up with us.
Thanks for reading and bye for now lovelies!

[Review] L'Oréal Casting Creme Gloss 8034 Honey Nougat

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hi, lovelies! L'Oréal's Casting Creme gloss is my favorite hair dye and I always use it when I want to go blonde since they have so many pretty blonde shades to choose from. It also works just fine on my previously bleached and dyed hair. I've tried quite a few of different shades and I always loved the result, so obviously, this was the dye I used to get my current blonde hair which I showed you in another blog post. This time I went with this shade called 8034 Honey Nougat. This is just going to be a quick review so I'm not going to go into too much detail. Anyway, let's get to the point.

First of all, both my real hair and extensions have previously been dyed with toners in ash blonde, lilac and lavender to achieve the gray color I wanted back then, and the pigments from those previous dyes were still in there. I didn't have a particular result in mind. I pretty much just wanted a blonde shade that would be as light and warm as possible without having to bleach my hair. I absolutely hate when blonde shades turn too ashy/green and wanted to avoid it at all costs. I usually go with the Sunny Honey or Satin Blonde, but like I mentioned, my real hair and my extensions had previously been dyed silver and were already quite dark so I got this one in hopes to avoid making my hair turnout too dark and to make sure that any green tones will be canceled out as much as possible.

SAM_6021     SAM_6026
Instructions and stuff. It claims to cover grey hair and last up to 6-8 weeks. I don't think I can disagree.


In the pictures above you can see my hair right before dying it (washed with water and towel-dried) and right after I dyed it and dried it. As you can see, the result is quite nice and even except for the dark section which I assume was some regrowth. The color didn't turn out quite as warm and golden as the packaging shows, but the color changed completely and It canceled out most of those ugly green tones and I'm pretty happy with the result in general. Besides the amazing result, I also love how this dye makes my hair feel so soft and it smells absolutely amaaazing after the whole procedure. I know it looks kinda dry in the pictures, but I can assure you that it looks and feels a lot better in real life.

There was quite a big color difference between my real hair and my extensions, but I'm not gonna talk too much about that in this post since I just want to show you the result of this hair dye on my real hair. Anyhow, I fixed the color difference with some color correction using a lavender toner and I'm really happy with the result in the end. Let me know what you think in the comments!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

[Review] Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hi, lovelies! I'm back with another review of an amazing pair of circle lenses. The lenses I'm going to review this time are the Dolly Eye (EOS) Starry Eye in Grey.

In addition to Grey, they are also available in Blue, Brown, Green, Pink & Violet. You can get them at UNIQSO and you can also get 10% off your purchase if you use my discount code RGS10.

I absolutely adore these lenses since they are everything I've been looking for in a pair of lenses. Keep on reading if you want to know why I like them so much.

Design & Color
These are 2-toned lenses in a gorgeous Grey color. Most of the lens is a very light grey, but the limbal ring and the slightly speckled pattern is a darker grey. The color is quite opaque, but the detailed and speckled pattern which lets the natural iris shine through a little makes them blend in really well, but what contributes the most to these lenses blending in so well is the slightly 'spiky' innermost part of the lens that meets the natural iris. Other lenses that are completely round and sharp at the innermost part look very fake, in my opinion. These are not!
The picture above shows the lenses in their case. The lens on the left is turned the 'right way' and the lens to the right is turned inside out.

They look more like a natural light/ice blue when worn rather than grey which I absolutely love. When I first got these I thought that they would look very unnatural on me (which I wouldn't have minded), but I was so surprised by how natural these lenses actually look when I wear them. You can obviously see that I'm wearing lenses up close since my green eyes shine through, but from afar they actually look very natural and subtle. I'm pretty sure that no one would know that I'm wearing lenses if I had naturally blue eyes. The pattern of these lenses mimic a real iris pattern really well (even though the pattern of a real iris isn't as obvious).


These lenses are 14.8mm which is my favorite diameter when it comes to lenses. The enlarging effect is perfect in my opinion, but light-colored lenses usually give me a more subtle enlarging effect compared to dark lenses, and these are no exception.

I think I've mentioned this in many of my most recent reviews in the past, but I still to mention that my eyes have become more and more sensitive lately. Not because of wearing lenses, but just in general. In addition to that, I rarely wear circle lenses on a daily basis since I have glasses, so my eyes have to get used to circle lenses all over again almost every time I wear them. My point is that you should take what I say about the comfort with a grain of salt, since I have sensitive eyes to begin with. Anyhow, when I first put them in, I feel a little bit of discomfort and I can clearly feel that I'm wearing lenses. However, after a while they are actually very comfortable and I don't have a problem wearing them at all.

I've been looking for light grey/blue lenses that are opaque so the color actually shows up well on my eyes, are at least 14.5mm, and look somehwhat natural on my eyes. But whenever I found a pair that looked good they where either too small, the color didn't show up that well on my eyes, or they just looked really fake. However, these lenses are perfect in every aspect and I'm so happy that they lived up to my expectations.

They kind of remind me of the New EOS Adult series, except for, like I mentioned, these are a lot bigger and the color shows up so much better on my eyes.

I feel like I'm only going to repeat myself if I keep talking about what I like about these lenses, but just have to say one more time that they are really perfect in every way. I'm a little curious about how the other colors of this series would look on my eyes, so hopefully I will be able to try them in the future too. But right now I'm just really happy with this pair, and they have definitely become one of my favorite lenses ever.

You can get these Circle Lenses and many more at UNIQSO.com
Use my coupne code 'RGS10' for 10% off your purchase!

My New Hair & What I've been up to lately

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hi, lovelies! Long time no blogging. First of all I just want to apologize for being so inactive lately. I've been spending these past few weeks at home, just relaxing and spending as much time as possible with my family and just doing a little bit of this and that. I only have about 2 weeks left until I move to Seoul, so I pretty much just want to take it easy before I leave. I hope you understand.

Me and the other girls in LVLUP have also been working on a couple of covers (which we had to postpone for a while since something more important came up), so at least we have that to look forward to for now. I originally wanted LVLUP's youtube channel and my own to be more active, but I have been putting it off on purpose because of the previously mentioned reason.

Anyway, I dyed my hair and put it my extensions again! I've kept my hair short for quite some time now and dyed it in various shades of lavender/lilac during this time. I wanted something new and different (compared to what my hair usually looks like) for summer, so I spontaneously decided to dye it in a dark blonde shade with some lavender parts. This is what it looks like now.


I'm really happy with the result but I still have some color correction to do, so I will probably dye it again in the nearest future. I'm kind of considering to put some more lavender in there too, but we'll see what happens!

Anyhow, I can't wait to finally move and to get back into blogging and get my Youtube Channel going. I do have a lot of plans and ideas on what to post in the future, but feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments. Anything is appreciated!
Thanks for reading and bye for now, lovelies!

Gold n' Lilac

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hi, lovelies! I've always been a slave for silver when it comes to jewelry and other things, but ever since spring arrived I've developed this unhealthy obsession with everything gold.

I recently did my nails and decided to match them with my phone and wallet which are both gold-colored or have gold accents. As you might already know I absolutely love Lilac/Lavender and I think it goes so well with gold!

I recently got an iPhone 6 Plus and I just had to have it in gold with a matching case. I also love the gold details on my wallet.

The nail polishes I used are IsaDora 754 Bella Vita, Viva La Diva 133 Casino Royale & 163 A Million

I still need a lot of practice to perfect my technique when it comes to acrylic nails, but I'm still happy with the result. What are your favorite color combinations?

22nd Birthday

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hi, lovelies! So much has been going on these past months and time has flown by so fast. Summer is  here and my 22nd Birthday has already passed. I had a wonderful day, just a small party with my family and relatives. I didn't wish for anything, but I did receive some gifts that will be really useful for me when I move to Seoul, and I'm really thankful for everything I received. Later on, me and the fam went to one of my favorite restaurants and had a wonderful 3-course meal and wrapped up the day with some drinks and quality time together. I really had a lovely day.

The card in the picture was from my grandpa. He went back to Germany some time ago, but he and my sister had chosen this card together when he was here in Sweden to visit. I just think it was so sweet of him to think of getting me a card (containing the standard $$$ gift from grandparent to grandchild, of course) such a long time in advance.

Anyhow, I also want to thank all of those who wished me a happy birthday. It really means a lot to me.

How did you/are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?