[Review] Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner

Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Brush pen eyeliner conveniently produces smooth, clean lines for stark definition."

Packaging & Design
The box this eyeliner comes in is very cute. The eyeliner itself is just plain black with the name written in pink on it; very simple yet convenient, and also noticeably light-weight. It's a little plain but I really don't mind simplicity. The lid has some sort of spring inside of it which I assume contributes to the lid being able to close securely and protect the brush. Just like most eyeliners of its kind it also has this little 'mechanism' inside of it that moves around when you shake it, for bringing out the color, I assume.

The formula feels very thin and light-weight. It originally has a nice consistency which is neither too dry nor too wet. However, it does feel a little dry when applying it over eyeshadow, powder, etc. but this is the exact same thing that I have experienced with any other felt-tip type eyeliners.

SAM_3969    SAM_3975

Color & Intensity 
The intensity of the black is really nice and highly pigmented with a slightly shiny finish. However, it's not quite as pigmented as Etude House's Oh~ m'Eye Line. There's really not much more to it.

Application & Precision 
The brush is relatively soft, very easy to control and the application goes very smoothly. I like to keep my eyeliner quite thick but making it thinner closer to the inner corner of my eye, and as you can see in the picture above, this eyeliner allowed me to go extremely thin where I wanted it to. It does look a little bit shaky at certain parts but, again, it's really only because of the eyeshadow being 'in the way'. The application and precision is actually the very best part of this eyeliner. It's excellent for creating thin and detailed lines and/or for filling in small spaces.

A downside about felt-tip type eyeliners is that the makeup product(s) you wear underneath it easily gets stuck in the brush which also happens with this eyeliner, but it recovers surprisingly quickly and feels as good as new every time I use it. It's not really a big issue here. The only thing I'd do is to gently wipe the brush every once in a while just to be sure.


Once the eyeliner has set, it doesn't budge at all and lasts all day. However, I did a test on the back of my hand by applynig the eyeliner, waited for it to set, and then did a 'smudge' test by trying to smudge it out with my finger and what happened was that it faded quite a bit, it didn't smudge, but the intensity just got a lot weaker. I'm thinking that the intensity of this eyeliner might fade under certain circumstances, but I haven't experienced this problem myself yet. It is also not waterproof at all but if you look at it from the bright side it is incredibly easy to wash off when I remove my makeup which is a huge plus for me.

SAM_3974   SAM_3896

The Drawing Show Brush Liner is an amazing eyeliner which allows you to create extremely thin and pigmented lines.
I recently did a review on the Oh~ m'Eye Line, so I just want to make a quick comparison since they're quite similar. I would say that the biggest differences between the two is that the Drawing Show Brush Liner allows you to make thinner lines and is easier to use but isn't quite as dark and the intensity doesn't last as long as the Oh~ m'Eye Line. However, it's really convenient to bring with you for re-applying it anywhere at any time. Both of the eyeliners are great and I really can't decide which one I like more. If you're considering to get either of them, I recommend you to read both of my reviews and compare them.

For me, the biggest advantage with this eyeliner is that it allows me to have complete control of the thickness of the lines which is especially important to me since I have hooded eyelids and have to keep my eyeliner very thin at certain parts to avoid making my already small crease appear even smaller. Plus, it's easy to remove when removing my makeup which actually is a big plus for me since I really dislike products that just won't come off!

I highly recommend it especially to those who want an eyeliner that is easy to use and has excellent precision. It's also highly pigmented and is convenient for fixing your makeup on-the-go (which might be necessary if you want to keep the intensity).


Thank you for reading this review! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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