[Review] I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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These lenses came with a super cute lens case that looks like Macarons. I honestly like these much better than the "cutie animal" lens cases that PinkyParadise used to include with every pair of lenses. I love the simple yet adorable design and it seems to be much more solid and secure than the "cutie animal" cases.

The design of these lenses is very pretty and simply perfect in every way in my opinion. The pattern is very detailed; It's kind of speckled and has a very subtle limbal ring. They cover most of my natural iris but the speckled pattern creates a very nice transition between the lens and the natural iris which makes them blend in very nicely. They look natural and subtle in person despite the speckled pattern and opaque design (which easily can make the eyes look a bit creepy).

These lenses are 2-toned; The base color is a pale true gray and the darker tone is a dark grey. The color is pretty opaque and they look a lot lighter when worn than I expected.

eos ice grey copy

These lenses are huge and the enlarging effect is amazing just like the other lenses from this series. The only curious thing is that the two brands that provide these lenses, Vassen & I.Fairy, state that they are in different diameters. These lenses and the ones I have in Brown are packaged as "Vassen" which claim that they are 14.5/15.0mm, while the ones in Violet and Blue are packaged as "I.Fairy" which claim that they are 16.2mm. I really don't see a difference between them though and the enlarging effect is the exactly same.

These lenses are very comfortable considering the big diameter just like all the other lenses I've tried form I.Fairy. However, they're not the most comfortable lenses I've had. I can wear them for a few hours without any problem though.

Like I've said in my previous reviews about the other I.Fairy Super Crystal lenses, this series is my favorite of all time. This series of lenses is seriously the only one I need since the design, enlargement, and comfort is amazing, and I can just wear the appropriate color of lens according to my outfit. The colors are vibrant but subtle when worn which makes me feel comfortable when wearing them anytime at any occasion.

I have been using these Gray ones a lot recently since I think they are the most natural looking out of all the colors in this series. I simply love them!

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  1. I love grey lenses! They look so nice on you ;3; I like the pattern

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. I love these lenses *-* I have the same!