[Review] Etude House Kissful Lipcare Scrub, Essence & Lip balm

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Since my lips got pretty dry when the weather got colder I wanted to get some actual lip care products; I've never put much effort into lip care except for using lip balm occasionally. I did some research on lip care products and I was trying to decide wether to get these products or some similar products form Tony Moly. After reading some reviews I found out that these products are supposedly pretty mild which I thought was perfect for me since I've never really had problems with my lips except for the slight dryness I get sometimes. The funny thing is that once I received these items my lips were already back to normal. However, I still want to start giving my lips some extra care even when they're not dry. With that said, let's take a closer look at these products.


Kissable Lip Smooth Care (Lip Scrub)
"This lip scrub makes lips soft and moist with its fine of sugar, smoothing away dead skin".

SAM_2974    SAM_2975

SAM_2977    SAM_2979

Texture & Scent
The texture is pretty watery with sugar grains in it. It's like a thinner, more watery version of vaseline. The grains are quite solid at first but dissolve very quickly when you massage it onto your lips. It has a delightful scent of peach.

SAM_3010    SAM_3012

This scrub is perfect if your lips only get slightly dry. I don't think that it will actually do much for very dry lips after just one use, but It might help in the long run. Even though the grains dissolve quickly I still feel like it exfoliates my lips properly without being too harsh or make my lips feel sensitive afterwards. It leaves my lips feeling very smooth.

Kissable Lip Moisture Care (Essence)
"Supplies deep penetrating moisture and nourishment for soft, supple and smooth lip sensation".

SAM_3018    SAM_3020

SAM_3021    SAM_3022

Texture & Scent
The texture is really creamy and smooth. I just love the feeling of it on my lips. This one also has a scent of peach, but it's more subtle than the scrub.

SAM_3026    SAM_3027

I use this every night before bed which makes my lips feel healthy and hydrated in the morning. For me, a regular lip balm is more than enough for me which makes this one feel a bit too heavy too heavy during daytime. If your lips are more on the dry side however, I would recommend to use it even during daytime. It really does feel like it goes deeply into the lips and locks in all the moisture. It definitely does what it claims!

Packaging & Container
The containers and design is very simple and cute; The overall impression it gives is that it looks kind of vintage. Both of the containers are regular, soft dispenser tubes with the images and information being stickers attached onto the tubes. The application tip is slanted and the lid is a regular screw-on lid. I really like that both of the containers are regular tubes which makes application easier. All of the containers in this series actually remind me a lot of the lip balms and lipglosses I used to have when I was a child. Like I mentioned, very vintage. I guess that they might have been aiming for this. I don't mind it, but the packaging and containers of the products from Etude House are usually more cute and impressive than this.

Kissful Lipcare #2 Strawberry
"3 effects (firming, smoothing, moisturizing) lip care that keeps lips moisturized and healthful all day".

This product is pretty much just like any lip balm, but a good one! I compared it to some of my other lip balms, and the texture is actually very similar to the popular EOS lip balm; It's very creamy and smooth. Even though I love my EOS lip balm, I actually prefer this one because I prefer the wonderful but temporary scent of strawberry, which disappears pretty much as soon as you've applied it, and it doesn't leave that bitter taste in case you get it in your mouth.

Unlike pot-type lip balms, a stick type lip balm like this is great to take with you during the day to give your lips that extra moisture whenever you need it since it is much more hygienic. It pretty much absorbs into your lips after an hour or so, and it leaves my lips feeling super smooth and moisturized without leaving them with an annoying sticky feeling.

I didn't bother to take any pictures while wearing it since it's completely clear and just looks just like you've applied any lip balm.

This is what my bare lips look like after using these products for about a week. I didn't take a "before" photo since I didn't really have any problems to begin with, and there's actually no significant difference in their appearance. However, they do look a bit smoother than before and I can definitely feel a significant difference. They feel so much smoother, healthier and more moisturized than before.

I highly recommend all of these products to you who have slightly dry and/or sensitive lips. I'm not sure how effective it will be for those with really dry lips, but it's definitely worth a try since I do think that they will definitely give you some sort of improvement if you use them continuously. I think the key to improving dry lips is not only to exfoliate, but also to deeply moisturize them which is what the essence does.

Thank you for reading this review! Make sure to check out my other reviews for more beauty products.
Bye for now, lovelies!


  1. This post makes me want to take better care of my lips. I feel that they're so neglected compared to the rest of my face.

    Really great review! I love how your take your photos.

    1. That's how I felt too, haha~

      Thanks a lot, sweetie! I'm always trying to improve the quality and editing of my photos, so I'm really happy that you like it ^-^

  2. Pretty lips