Purple Crush Glitter Nails

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello, lovelies! It's been a while since I did Gel Nails, so I thought that I'd give it a go since I'm going to be learning how to do Acrylic Nails very soon. When I had my nails done in Seoul I went with a really pretty Purple Glitter Gradient design that I absolutely fell in love with, so I wanted to go with something similar. I got pretty close and I'm really happy with the result!


The nail polishes I used are IsaDora 104 Purple Crush & China Glaze 806 Techno. The nail polish is actually encapsulated under a layer of UV Gel, but I still felt like using the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat before the nail polish and also finished off with the OPI Top Coat on top of everything.

The IsaDora Purple Crush has been my favorite Nail Color for quite some time now. However, I really dislike the consistency and it is impossible to get off when I use it on my natural nails (even when I apply a base coat first). I'm starting to run out of it and I'm really hoping to find a similar color from another brand instead, so feel free to leave me a suggestion in the comments if you have one in mind. I'd really appreciate it!
Bye for now, lovelies!


  1. Simply and pretty nails *-*


  2. awww looks really cool!!

    dear, what filter do you use for ur pics? all of them have beautiful blue shade~

    1. Thank you, sweetie~

      I don't use an actual filter for my blog pictures, but I'll try to explain how I do it. Hope it's not too complicated.
      First off, I have manually set my White Balance on my Camera to a more blue/magenta hue. When I then edit my pictures in Photoshop, I have a few different techniques to make my pictures look more blueish depending on what the original picture looks like. The tools I use most often to achieve the look I want is the "Color Balance"-tool and the "Replace color"-tool. I simply use these tools to increase the Cyan, Magenta and Blue tones of my picutres (which at the same time lower all the red, yellow and green tones). The "Replace color"-tool changes the overall hue of the picture and can also be used to lighten certain colors/tones. Other than that I also change add Brightness and Contrast.

      There's really a lot more detail to it so maybe I should make a post about it, haha. Anyways, I hoped this helped~

    2. it's really helpfull~ ** all pics look bright and beautiful **

  3. I really love all the purples on your blog! It's one of my favorite colors. :D

    These nails are so pretty! I've been wanting to do something similar with mine but in red for the holidays. I also agree with Jurika, the color of your pictures are lovely!

  4. Riktigt fina naglar! Älskar glittriga nagellack (förutom att de är jättesvåra att få bort :p)

  5. Oh those nails are super pretty! *_* I love the colour~