My trip to Seoul, South Korea - Part 2 - Food, Bars, Clubs etc.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello, lovelies! In case you didn't know already, I went to Seoul on Vacation in June-July. I posted Part 1 quite a while ago and I totally forgot to post the other parts. But since I'm planning to go back to Seoul very soon, I figured that it's about time that I post the other parts. This part is all about Food, Bars, Clubs and more. So, here we go!

I love food and nightlife, so I guess it's not a surprise that I spent about 90% of my time in Seoul at Restaurants, Bars & Clubs. I always went out to for dinner before going out to clubs and such, so let's start with the food. I think I took more pictures of food than anything else, haha.

I went to sooo many different Restaurants and tried so much food so I can't really keep track of everything, but I'll try to tell you as much as possible.

First off, the picture to the left was taken at Dunkin' Donuts. Nothing special really, but my first time at Dunkin' Donuts was in Hongdae, Seoul and I just looove that place. The store and everything in it was so cute and neat. The toasts and the coffees are friggin amazing and since it was really close to where I lived I went there to eat breakfast almost every day.

고기구이 (or Korean BBQ) is quite famous, and since there were BBQ restaurants literally everywhere I obviously had to try it, especially since everyone I know who lives in or has visited Korea kept telling me how good it was. To be honest, I do like it but it's not exactly the best I have ever tried. I guess I had too high expectation, haha.

This dish was definitely my most favorite out of all the food I tried during my visit in Seoul. I ate a lot of this stuff! It was pretty much just spicy chicken and 떡볶이 topped off with a thick layer of cheese. I don't know if there's an actual name for this dish; I could only find it at the Izakaya I usually went to for dinner and the menu literally just said "Spicy Chicken Cheese" or something like that. Anyways, it's sooo good!

Me, Emma and Lydia went to a random restaurant and ordered this dish after a day of shopping in Myeongdong. And it was sooo good! I completely forgot what it's called, but it's basically just chicken mixed with vegetables, smothered in a sauce sent from the heavens above. Yum!

The picture to the left is from a small Restaurant in Hoegi, the place where we lived for the first 2 weeks in Seoul. It was really cozy and they let you write on post-it notes and stick them on the wall. Really cute! Can you spot the one we wrote? Hahaha.

At a street food place in Dongdaemun (I think). I'm actually pretty sure they ripped us off because the price was ridiculously high for being street food. But it was really good, so we let them get away with it.

More 고기구이!

This was at a Traditional Market (?) somewhere. Here, I tried some new food for the first time, like Chicken Feet, for example. It was actually quite crowded, very noisy and a bit dirty. It was an interesting experience but a one time-visit to a place like that is more than enough for me.

To the left, Okonomiyaki at the same Izakaya that has that delicious "Spicy Chicken Cheese" dish. This one is also reaaally good. I just love that place! I should really find out what it's called, cause I totally didn't think about actually checking the name even though I went there a lot. And to the right we have a Juicy Steak at... that famous Steak place (American, I think?). I really can't remember what it's called, haha.

I don't even remember what this thing was (I think it was some kind of seafood, and I usually love seafood), but... Now that I look at it I remember that It definitely wasn't a favorite...

Aaand some more 고기구이!

At last but not least - McDonald's! Surprisingly, McDonald's is a lot better in Seoul than it is in Sweden (I thought the same thing when I went to McDonald's in Japan). Oh, and if you didn't know - I love love love milk and I love how they have these cute little milk cartons that you can get at almost any restaurant or grocery store, unlike Sweden.

Now let's talk about Clubs, Bars and Noraebang. Let's start with Noraebang, which is pretty much just Karaoke, but way more common and fancier in Seoul than in Sweden. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Karaoke in general, which I guess is quite ironic since I'm a singer. The thing is that I just really need to be in the right mood and with the right people to actually enjoy it.

The left pic is from a Noraebang. Right pic is from NB2 (during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which explains the huge ball).

The clubs in Seoul are amazing. I haven't been to very many clubs around the world (the only other country I can think of is Bangkok), but compared to Sweden It's really the best I have ever been to and It's hard for me to imagine a better place to go clubbing.

This picture is from M2 in Hongdae. The layout is quite plain and simple and the music wasn't the best, but I still enjoyed the couple of times I went there.

In2Deep is a Hip-Hop also located in Hongdae, introduced to us by a friend. It has a very underground feel to it, and our friend knows the bartender so that definitely came with some benefits.

Even though I went to clubs and bars almost every day, I didn't take as many pictures of inside of the clubs. I simply had way too much fun to be thinking about taking photos all the time, haha.

At last but not least, a Jazz bar in Hongdae. I think this was actually the last bar I went to before going back to Sweden. It was in the middle of the week (If I recall correctly) which is why it was pretty much empty. However, the music was really nice and the place was just so cozy. I went to a lot of other small bars too, but I really can't remember the names of any of them...

Except the ones I already mentioned, I also went to NB2, Club Cocoon, Club Vera and Ho Bar in Hongdae, and NB2 and The Answer in Gangnamn. Actually, all of the clubs are nice in their own way, but my favorite club out of all the clubs I visited was definitely NB2 in Hongdae. There were always a lot of people every day of the week at every hour. It has two floors with one bar at each one. The music is amazing which usually is a mix of hip hop and dance/house. A lot of people there, including the bartenders, were really cool and it was easy to actually meet people there. I just loved it!

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Thank you for reading! Feel free to ask me anything about my trip to Seoul. I might have left some things out, so I'll be more than happy to ease your curiosity.
Bye for now, lovelies!


  1. All the pictures of food looks really tasty! I definitely want to take a trip to Seoul one day and look forward to the variety of food the most. I have high expectations for Korean BBQ as well so hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Thanks for sharing parts of your trip!

  2. Wow! The food in Seoul looks so interesting!