[Tutorial] Big and Dolly Eyes Makeup

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello, lovelies! I'm happy to tell you that I just uploaded my very first video on my own Youtube Channel - LilinTV. I've wanted to upload videos on Youtube for a very long time now, but I always kept postponing it since I knew that I didn't have the proper equipment to upload videos of the kind of quality I want to. I still don't have the right equipment, but I thought that I could at least try to work with what I have. As I expected, it was really hard to film and edit a video in these circumstances, haha. But practice makes perfect, and I'm sure that the quality of my videos will improve with some experience and if I decide to take this whole thing to a more serious level.

As for the video, I guess it's pretty obvious that I would upload a Makeup Tutorial. Makeup is something in very confident in, and I really want to share it with my lovelies. This specific look is pretty much just a video version of my Shimmering Silver Brown Picture Makeup Tutorial that I did a while back. Comparing the Picture Tutorial and my Video tutorial, it's really easy to tell which is my stronger side, haha. But on the other hand, I have been practicing and improving my Picture editing skills for a long time now, so hopefully it will be the same with my videos.

I would really appreciate if you tell me what you think about the video in the comments. What was good and what was bad? What could've been better? Your opinion means a lot to me.
Thank you for watching, and bye for now, lovelies!

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