[Review] I.Fairy Super Crystal Violet

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SAM_1862 copy

The pattern is very unique. It's speckled and very detailed, yet it looks so subtle when wearing the lenses. It has a very, very thin and discrete limbal ring, which kinda of turns into "spikes" towards the inner part. The small dots in the center of the lens gives a slightly blending effect.

The color of these lenses consist of 2 tones of violet. The base color of is a perfect shade of Violet, with neither a too blue nor too pink hue, mixed with a darker violet. I did expect the color to be lighter and more vibrant since they are a bit darker compared to the Blue & Brown ones. However, I still absolutely love the color! It looks especially pretty in bright environments and when taking photos with flash.

These lenses are huge and the enlargement is simply amazing, even though they don't have a prominent limbal ring. Lenses without a prominent limbal ring usually don't give you as much of an enlarging effect as those lenses with a limbal ring do, so I'm positively surprised that these still give me the amazing enlarging effect that I'm looking for.

These are very comfortable considering the big diameter. They're not the most comfortable lenses I've tried, but the comfort is still very good and I can wear them for several hours without a problem.


The lenses from the I.Fairy Super Crystal series are my absolute favorite out of all the lenses I've ever had. I already own the ones in Blue & Brown, and since I love Violet lenses I was so happy to finally get these; I absolutely adore them! They might even be my favorite lenses of all time.

They're everything I want in a pair of lenses. The design is unique and pretty, the color is a gorgeous violet, and they're huge! I will probably not use them as everyday lenses since I prefer something more natural for casual occasions. However, I will definitely use them whenever I'm taking self-portraits. I guess these are now officially my trademark lenses!

Like I mentioned earlier, they're a bit darker than I expected, but the color is still gorgeous and I just love everything about these lenses. However, I do think that they will look best on those with blue eyes.

If you like these lenses, make sure to check out my review of the I.Fairy Super Crystal lenses in Blue & Brown too!

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  1. very beautiful lenses, there is always something about violet lenses that makes the eyes pop in a mysterious way ^^

    You look beautiful!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Really beautiful circle lenses *o* I love all of them
    You look really cute with them!