Spa Day

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Sunday is a day for rest and relaxation, which makes it a perfect day to go to a Spa. The Spa we went to is pretty small and simple; Perfect if you just wanna relax for a few hours.


We started off with enjoying a delicious lunch and headed straight to the spa area where they had 3 tubs, 2 saunas and a Japanese Style Ablution Area. They also had a couple of treatment rooms where they offered massages and many other treatments.

Sis enjoying the view.

Lounge area on the 3rd floor. We were pretty lucky since there weren't many people there that day. 

Japanese Style Ablution/Washing Room. The staff recommended to perform a "Japanese Ablution Ritual" 1-3 times during our visit. So basically, what you do is you start off by sitting 10 minutes in the sauna before performing the ablution. You scrub your whole body in circular motions, then wash everything off by pouring water over yourself with a bucket. You then go to the hot tub and sit there for a while, moving on to the cold tub (It was really cold), then hop into the bubble pool to relax the muscles, and finally finish off in another hot tub on the 2nd floor. This whole process is meant to increase blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. It's very relaxing!

The bubble pool on the 3rd floor.

The hot tub on the 2nd floor with open windows for an outdoor feeling and view over the centre of the city. I would love to go here at night when winter comes. Just imagine relaxing here, watching the city lights and the snow fall over the city.

We finished the day with a nice dinner at an indian restaurant. I think I ate enough food to last for a month!

This was my first visit to this Spa and I really enjoyed it. Like I mentioned before, It was perfect for just relaxing for a couple of hours and on top of that, there weren't many people which was really nice since it gave us some privacy. When was the last time you went to a Spa?

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