EOS Ice Brown Review

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Close Up!
In daylight 

 With flash

Lamp lighting

I love the design so much! I like how the limbal ring is subtle but still noticeable and kinda blends together with the colored part. The pattern of the colored part is pretty sheer and kinda speckled.

A pale and yellowish hazel color. Even though It's not similar to my natural eye color it still blends in so well and gives my natural eye color a beautiful highlighting effect.

The enlarging effect is much more subtle compared to the EOS Ice Grey lenses I tried. This is probably because the color of these lenses is much lighter and sheer, which in my opinion doesn't give you as much of an enlarging effect as darker lenses.

These are super comfortable!


I've been looking forever for a pair of lenses that will compliment my natural eye color without covering too much of my natural iris but still give me a pretty nice enlarging effect; So far, out of all the lenses I've tried, these lenses are the closest to what I've been looking for! I first tried the EOS Ice Grey lenses since I thought they would do what these lenses do, but for some reason the Grey ones seemed to be much more opaque than these and covered my natural eye color completely instead of enhancing it. These are perfect if you have green or hazel eyes like me and really want to compliment your eye color without changing it too much and want a subtle enlargement with a slightly dolly effect.

These lenses were sponsored by Eyecandys.com
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  1. Very natural and pretty cl *-* you look really pretty with them!

  2. So natural, and pretty! The circle lenses really make your eyes pop! :3

    following you now~