Baby Bats

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Halloween is just around the corner and I'm really getting into the Halloween spirit. Halloween usually makes you think of things like Witches, Ghosts, Pumpkins and... Bats! Bats are usually portrayed as scary little blood-sucking monsters, but the baby bats in these videos are just too adorable! I've always thought that bats are beautiful animals, and If it was possible I would love to have one as a pet.

Have you ever wanted or do you want an unusual pet? If yes, which kind? 

Spa Day

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Sunday is a day for rest and relaxation, which makes it a perfect day to go to a Spa. The Spa we went to is pretty small and simple; Perfect if you just wanna relax for a few hours.


We started off with enjoying a delicious lunch and headed straight to the spa area where they had 3 tubs, 2 saunas and a Japanese Style Ablution Area. They also had a couple of treatment rooms where they offered massages and many other treatments.

Sis enjoying the view.

Lounge area on the 3rd floor. We were pretty lucky since there weren't many people there that day. 

Japanese Style Ablution/Washing Room. The staff recommended to perform a "Japanese Ablution Ritual" 1-3 times during our visit. So basically, what you do is you start off by sitting 10 minutes in the sauna before performing the ablution. You scrub your whole body in circular motions, then wash everything off by pouring water over yourself with a bucket. You then go to the hot tub and sit there for a while, moving on to the cold tub (It was really cold), then hop into the bubble pool to relax the muscles, and finally finish off in another hot tub on the 2nd floor. This whole process is meant to increase blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. It's very relaxing!

The bubble pool on the 3rd floor.

The hot tub on the 2nd floor with open windows for an outdoor feeling and view over the centre of the city. I would love to go here at night when winter comes. Just imagine relaxing here, watching the city lights and the snow fall over the city.

We finished the day with a nice dinner at an indian restaurant. I think I ate enough food to last for a month!

This was my first visit to this Spa and I really enjoyed it. Like I mentioned before, It was perfect for just relaxing for a couple of hours and on top of that, there weren't many people which was really nice since it gave us some privacy. When was the last time you went to a Spa?

UNIQSO's 25% Discount on Sclera & Crazy Lenses!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello, lovelies! I'm really excited about dressing up this Halloween! I'm currently waiting for a pair of SeeShell Evil Washout Sclera lenses that I'm going to use for a Costume I always wanted to try out. I haven't really dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid, so I'm really looking forward to it!

Did you get a pair of lenses for your halloween costume yet? If not, you should definitely check out UNIQSO's 25% Discount on Sclera & Crazy Lenses! The offer is available until October 15th but I recommend you to get them ASAP to make sure you'll get them in time for Halloween. Just click one of the links or the UNIQSO banner in this post to check out this amazing offer!

Fall Outfit: Leather and Flowy Fabrics

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Fall is finally here and it's time to dress up according to the weather. I'm absolutely in love with leather and flowy fabrics, and of course, black. You can never go wrong with a timeless leather jacket and black is always a safe and classy choice of color.

What I'm wearing here is a MC Jacket, a layered waterfall skirt, faux leather tights and faux leather high heels. Underneath the jacket I'm just wearing a plain black tank top. I topped it all off with a beanie and a pair of round shades. This is currently one of my favorite outfits this fall. What is your favorite item for fall fashion?

Just for your information, I am currently struggling with trying to improve the poor quality of my images when uploading them on my blog. For some reason my pictures look much more faded and not as clean & crisp when I upload them on my blog because Blogger compresses them. I'll do what I can to solve this issue as soon as possible.

EOS Ice Brown Review

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Close Up!
In daylight 

 With flash

Lamp lighting

I love the design so much! I like how the limbal ring is subtle but still noticeable and kinda blends together with the colored part. The pattern of the colored part is pretty sheer and kinda speckled.

A pale and yellowish hazel color. Even though It's not similar to my natural eye color it still blends in so well and gives my natural eye color a beautiful highlighting effect.

The enlarging effect is much more subtle compared to the EOS Ice Grey lenses I tried. This is probably because the color of these lenses is much lighter and sheer, which in my opinion doesn't give you as much of an enlarging effect as darker lenses.

These are super comfortable!


I've been looking forever for a pair of lenses that will compliment my natural eye color without covering too much of my natural iris but still give me a pretty nice enlarging effect; So far, out of all the lenses I've tried, these lenses are the closest to what I've been looking for! I first tried the EOS Ice Grey lenses since I thought they would do what these lenses do, but for some reason the Grey ones seemed to be much more opaque than these and covered my natural eye color completely instead of enhancing it. These are perfect if you have green or hazel eyes like me and really want to compliment your eye color without changing it too much and want a subtle enlargement with a slightly dolly effect.

These lenses were sponsored by
Use my discount code 'PRINCESSRIN' to get a free gift with purchase!

lovelipop 「Searching love」release & No.1 on the iTunes Top Chart

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello, lovelies! lovelipop's 1st single 「Searching love」is now available on iTunes! I also want to share the fantastic news that lovelipop reached 1st place on the Swedish iTunes Top Chart within just a few hours after being released.

I'm so grateful for the huge support we have received already. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you so much, lovelies!

Leather, Spike & Heart Garters

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Check out these pretty leather and spike garters I just got! I shared this picture on my Instagram the other day and I just had to share it with you here on my blog too. They're just too lovely! These are my first pair of garters and I absolutely adore them. The quality is amazing and they're a great fit.

I've been really fond of garters and knee socks/thigh highs recently; It's just a pity that I came to realize that I like it now that autumn and winter is right around the corner. I wouldn't mind escaping the biting cold of Sweden's Winter that awaits me, just so I could wear stuff like this for just a while longer.

If you live in a cold country like me, what is the number 1 thing you can wear in summer that you'll miss wearing when winter comes?

Shimmering Silver Brown and Big Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello, lovelies! It's time for an updated Tutorial on how I do my basic Eye Makeup. The way I do my makeup has changed a lot, and this has been my basic Eye Makeup Routine for quite some time now. The only changes I usually make are using other shades of eyeshadow and/or eyelashes.

First things first. A clean and smooth base is the key to flawless makeup. Start off by washing your face properly and continue with applying primer and base makeup (foundation, concealer, powder) before starting with the eyes. This will make your Eye Makeup turn out much more clear and vibrant. Circle Lenses are optional but I highly recommend you to use a pair if you really want your eyes to look big and bright. The ones I'm using in this tutorial are EOS Ice Brown Sponsored by Let's go!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see your attempts on this look. Leave a comment on this post or send me a picture of your look on Twitter! I'm looking forward to see them! Bye for now, lovelies!

lovelipop Official Facebook Page

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Please like lovelipop's Official Page on Facebook and make sure to share it with your friends. Your support means a lot to us!

lovelipop - Artist Presentation & Behind the Scenes

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello, lovelies! Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of lovelipop's first photoshoot together. I had a lot of fun and the photoshoot went surprisingly smooth and easy considering that it was our first one.

Also, lovelipop's official Artist Presentation was filmed during this photoshoot and is up on KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT's Official Youtube Channel. Hear our thoughts about the photoshoot, release of the single and more. Make sure to check it out below!  
The pictures are borrowed from Kristoffer Lönnå's (Photographer) blog.

lovelipop DEBUT

I proudly present "Visual Pop" Girl Group - lovelipop.

Hello, lovelies! I'm thrilled to finally tell you that I will debut as a member of lovelipop - KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT's first girl group. I am the Leader of this group and all four of us are in charge of Vocal & Dance. The other three members are Impa, Nea, and Victoria. I will give you a closer introduction of our members very soon.

I've been longing for this moment my whole life, and I'm looking forward to work on a wonderful future together with the members of lovelipop and our LOVELIES. I hope you will support us and listen to our first single, which will be released this September, a lot. Stay tuned!

Bye for now and lots of love - Lilin

Dolly Wink | ドーリーウインク New Eyelashes

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dolly Wink are back with yet another collection of eyelashes! I have always been a big fan of Dolly Wink and I'm always excited when they launch something new.

No.22 SECRET DOLL (Upper Lash), No.23 SWEET GIRL (Upper Lash) & No.24 NATURAL BABY (Upper Lash)

No.25 PURE DOLL (Lower Lash), No.26 BROWN SWEET (Upper Lash) & No.27 BROWN GIRL (Lower Lash)

Their newer upper lashes are way too natural looking for my taste, but I absolutely love the lower lashes - Both the old and new styles. My favorite out of these has to be No. 22! Which is your favorite?

My trip to Seoul, South Korea - Part 1 - First impressions, Exploring, and Shopping

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello, lovelies! I've been back in Sweden for a while now after spending a month of vacation in Seoul, and I want to tell you all about it! I will divide all of my pictures into different parts and posts to make things easier. I'll tell you everything about my trip there, my experiences, favorite places and my impression of Seoul in general.

First of all, I arrived in Seoul on June 18 after traveling there by myself for almost 24 hours. When I finally arrived I met up with Emma and Lydia at our guesthouse in Hoegi, where we lived during our first two weeks in Seoul.

My first impression of Seoul was that the atmosphere was very relaxed compared to other cities in Asia that I've visited. During my first week there It was raining every day and the weather was pretty cool and humid, which I absolutely loved! However, during my last two weeks the weather was almost unbearably hot. I didn't really visit any tourist attractions nor take as many pictures as I would've wanted to since I'm not really into sightseeing. Although, I think the pictures I took can give you a general idea of what most streets and places look like.


The first two weeks was the time when I did the most exploring. After seeing most of the places I'd wanted to visit, I was mostly hanging out at my favorite area in Seoul - Hongdae, especially at night. It's very busy on weekends and some times during weekdays, but I love that it has a very youthful atmosphere in general; which is probably because Hongdae is one of the main Clubbing districts in Seoul. We tried to visit as many places as possible; some other areas I visited and explored are Gangnam, Ilsan, Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Ewah Womans University and many more.

Photo by Lydia

 Traditional Market - Photo by Lydia

One of the reason why I like big cities like Seoul is because it never sleeps, which is perfect for a nocturnal person like myself. I absolutely loved walking around, exploring, and just enjoying the atmosphere at night.

To the left: Ewha Womans University - To the right: After a rain day, somewhere

Somwhere around Sinchon.

Department stores in Dongdaemun

Dongdaemun and Myeongdong are two of Seoul's main shopping districts, but you can easily find clothing and makeup stores in a lot of places in Seoul. I saw them almost everywhere! Although, to my big surprise I didn't do that much shopping at all. I only got some caps, a bag, some jewelry, basics from H&M and A LOT of Makeup from Etude House (I will probably do some reviews of the stuff I got from them soon). I bought most of these things in Hongdae.

Picutre on the left: Myeongdong - Picture to the right: Some of the things I bought in Hongdae

That's it for the first part about my trip to Seoul! Is there anything in particular you want to know about my trip to Seoul? Feel free to ask me any questions about my trip so I can include it in the other parts. Bye for now!