Wardrobe Update - If it's not black put it back on the rack

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hello lovelies! Sweden is getting colder which means that it's time for a drastic wardrobe update. Autumn is probably my favorite fashion season, and this year I've seen an especially wide range of nice trends around the world. Two of my favorite key items this season are hats and maxi cardigans. I first noticed the Wool Hat trend when I was in Seoul; A lot of people, both guys and girls, were wearing them and I just had to get one too. However, I couldn't find a nice one neither in Seoul nor Online. But luckily for me, Swedish stores caught up with the trend and I finally laid my hands on this lovely Wool Hat from H&M.


Maxi Cardigans (or "Kimonos" like many online stores like to call them for whatever reason) are also really popular this season and I absolutely love them! Even though I can't recall seeing anyone wearing one of these in the streets, I have seen them in literally every single clothing store I've visited recently - both physical and online stores. I couldn't choose only one amongst the huge selection of Maxi Cardigans, so I simply got three of them from Nelly.com - All in black, of course.

Now, shades of grey are the trendy ones on the Greyscale this Autumn/Winter, but I've always been a big fan black. Especially this time of the year, like a lot of people do, I like to turn to darker colors when it comes to fashion; Which brings us back to the title of this post and my new motto for every coming Autumn Season ever - If it's not black put it back on the rack.


  1. These "kimonos" seem to have been huge lately, also have no idea why stores insist on naming them kimonos when they are nothing alike >__< great picks! Especially like the last one!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary