Using Coconut Oil before bleaching your hair to prevent damage.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Yellow tones and brazziness has been my worst hair enemy ever since I started dyeing my hair. Whenever I bleach my hair or just touch up my roots I usually have to bleach it one more time to completely get rid of orange/yellow tones and brazziness. And obviously, bleach damages your hair a lot. Hair isn't exactly an area that I'm very confident in, and since I'm in the middle of the process of dyeing my hair Silver/grey, I was looking for the best methods to achieve the color I want, as well as how to protect my hair from damage. I found out about a lot great methods, different dyes and tips. But one thing that I really had to try was to apply Coconut Oil to my hair before bleaching it.

I first heard about using Coconut Oil in your hair when I was watching videos on how to get grey/silver hair. I found this video where some guy was talking about silver hair and how to prevent damage to your hair when bleaching it by using coconut oil. Coconut oil is supposed to protect your hair from 80% of the damage caused by bleaching your hair, but at the same time help to to speed up the process. This method made sense to me and I decided to trust what people were saying.

After a failed attempt to bleach my hair once and get rid of yellow tones, my hair looked absolutely ridiculous. The ends of my hair were either blonde/yellow or completely blue/purple, while the roots still were dark blonde/orange (See the picture on the right). I just needed to get rid of this ASAP. I got a jar of pure Coconut Oil from a grocery store and picked up a bleach (L'oreal Paris Extreme Platinum). I didn't wash my hair and applied the Coconut Oil straight to my dry hair, completely saturating it. I prepared the bleach and started working through my hair, applying it directly on my Coconut Oil-drenched hair. The first thing I noticed was that the application was so much smoother and easier than usual. My hair didn't dry up at all which it usually does when I bleach it ,which causes the my hair to be very incooperative when I'm trying to section my hair.

I've tried many several bleaches before, and I all think that the speed of the lightening progress is the same. But with the Coconut Oil it appeared to get lighter much faster than usual.

Also, my scalp can get pretty sensitive if I have dyed my hair too much which causes it to burn as hell when I bleach it. When using the Coconut Oil, my scalp didn't hurt at all. I only felt a very subtle burn a tiny bit itchy, but it was really nothing compared to the pain I usually go through.

To cancel out unwanted yellow tones, I used the Björn Axén Cool Silver Shampoo after I rinsed the bleach. I applied it all over my hair like a toner, lathered it up and rinsed after 30 minutes, followed by applying the Björn Axén Cool Silver Conditioner which I let sit for about an hour.

After washing everything out, the first thing I noticed was that my hair was extremely smooth and soft, and it really was the lightest platinum blonde you can imagine. The only thing that disappointed me in this process was that the Silver shampoo and conditioner didn't work as well as I expected. It did turn the ends of my hair white/silver, but my roots where still platinum blonde. However, the main subject in this post is whether Coconut Oil is a good solution to prevent damage to your hair or not, and...

My conclusion is that using Coconut Oil in your hair before bleaching it is absolutely amazing!

I highly recommend using this Coconut Oil method to anyone who bleaches their hair at home. It works wonders! Although, I wouldn't recommend using this when dying your hair with a normal hair dye/toner since I don't think it will give you the same effect. If you want to try it, do some research first. Like I said, this is also the first step in getting Grey hair. Since I'm trying to wait as long as possible between the difference steps of bleaching, toning and dyeing, I will probably make separate posts for each of them.

Anyway, I really hope that this post was useful to some of you or that you at least enjoyed reading it. Please let me know if you decided to try this (or have been using this method previously) and how it worked for you!
Take care and Bye for now, lovelies!

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