GEOLICA Holicat Lovely Cat Choco Brown Review (Sponsored by UNIQSO)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Close Up!
Indoors (by Window)


With Flash

Lamp Lighting

These lenses have a subtle and very natural looking pattern. The inner edges are very soft, so even though you can clearly see the difference between the color of the lens and my natural iris, it still blends in very well. The design is very pretty and they're perfect if you want a natural look, but they're a bit too plain for my taste.

A dark, very natural-looking chocolate brown color, which I absolutely love when it comes to brown lenses. I would usually say that you can wear any color on your lenses despite your natural eye color, but since these don't cover that much of your natural iris and because of the dark color, these lenses will probably look best on those with brown/black eyes.

The enlargement isn't very outstanding. I've used lenses with the same diameter that give me a much greater enlarging effect. These lenses will definitely work for you if you're looking for a subtle but noticeable enlargement. I just personally prefer the biggest enlarging effect possible.

Very comfortable!

These lenses are very pretty overall and even though I have other favorites I will probably use them if I want a natural but still dolly look. I think they are more suitable for those who have naturally brown eyes and are looking for dolly-looking eyes with a subtle enlargement.

However, If you're looking for circle lenses similar to these but with an amazing enlarging effect and 1 Year life spend, I recommend you to check out the GEO Grang Grang Big Choco Lenses.

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  1. Geolica Holicat Choco look very subtle and soft. I wish they were 1 year lenses. Loved your review. thanks for uploading the clear pictures of your eyes wearing these lenses.! really appreciated.