Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet Review

Sunday, June 1, 2014

In case. The left lens shows the outer side of the lens and the lens to the right shows the inside of the lens. 

Close Up!

In Daylight

With Flash 

Lamp Lighting


The design is really pretty! I kinda feel that the design and color falls into the same category here since the 3 tone color of the lens is the biggest element in this design. The positive part about the design itself is the subtly spiked and speckled pattern which makes the lens look more natural.


The color is amazing! The base color is a really pretty and vivid violet which isn't too blue nor too pink. Simply a perfect shade! The inner part is a pretty hazel color which blends perfectly with my natural eye color. And at last the limbal ring is a darker violet. I really like it when the limbal ring is a darker shade of the main color which makes it look more natural rather than if it would've been pitch black.


Being a 16.2 (claiming to give you 17mm effect), this lens obviously gives you a great enlarging effect, but I honestly don't think that it's that extraordinary. I actually expected them to look even bigger, but still, they have a great enlarging effect!


The only downside with these lenses is that they're not that comfortable, especially compared to other lenses.



Although the color is very vivid and obviously makes it look like you're wearing contacts, the design still makes them look relatively natural since it blends in well with the natural eye color.

I've had a thing for violet circle lenses since I've been obsessed with everything violet/lavender in general. I got really curious about these after seeing some reviews, so I bought them for my reward points at UNIQSO (which means that they're not sponsored). I've tried many violet lenses before but these are definitely my favorite pair so far! I have to say that they definitely lived up to my expectations.

I don't think I'll wear these much in everyday life, but they're definitely perfect for portrait pictures and special occasions.

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  1. You are like a doll! So cute review! :)

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  2. Those lenses suit you super well! Funny enough, they also fit your blog's theme haha. :)

    1. Thank you! ♥ Haha~ Ikr?! Like I said, I'm obsessed with everything violet right now ;p

  3. Those lens look so good on you!

  4. You look awesome with them! (as always! >///<)
    I love your eyes <3

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  5. Such lovely lenses, they suit you very much!