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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Case


These lenses have a pretty strange design, although I kinda like it. They look pretty nice from afar, but when you look at them closely you can clearly see the strange "spiked" limbal ring which I personally don't like at all. Strangely, they blend relatively well with my natural iris which is a plus.


The color is gorgeous! It has more of a blue/silver hue to it which I absolutely love. The color is very intense and shows up well in pretty much any kind of lighting.

Close Up!

Indoors (by Window), daytime

 Outdoors, daytime

 Lamp light

With Flash


As expected, being a 14.2mm lens they don't give you an amazingly great enlarging effect. The enlarging effect is noticeable, but not overwhelming.


Very comfortable! Understandable, because of the small diameter and high water content. Wearable for several hours without feeling any kind of dryness or irritation.

Overall Opinion

To be honest I was pretty skeptical when I was introduced to these lenses, but once I tried them on I actually kinda liked them. When worn they kinda remind me of the EOS New Adult lenses because of the design, enlargement (14.2mm) and intense color, although the design of these lenses is a bit more unique/strange.

They don't give you the best enlarging effect, but I think that the strong side of these lenses is the extremely intense and bright color. Many lenses I've tried look really dark (almost black) in some lightings, but these really stand out even in low lighting (which is great!).

I will probably not use them on a regular basis, but they're perfect for taking pictures since they look very pretty and intense in photos.

I would simply say that these are perfect for those who are looking for lenses that give you an edgy and mature look.

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