Mini Haul

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hello Lovelies! Just want to share some clothes I bought recently. I felt that it was time to update my wardrobe a bit since I feel that it's lacking in variety.

Short top - H&M
I've been looking for a top with this kind of print forever! I originally wanted some kind of tank top, but this will have to do for the time being.

Mesh dress - H&M
This one is kind of a loose fit, but it looks awesome together with a nice waist belt.

Striped Blouse - eBay
This is also something I've been wanting to get for some time now. I'm really into stripes and see-through blouses recently, so this was a must have!

Jersey Skirt - H&M
At last but not least I got this plain Jersey Skirt. This will be perfect to use with the Short top to make it look like a 2 piece dress, which have been really popular lately. I mainly bought to use together with a blouse for work tho.

That's all for now! I recently did some shopping at too, so I'll make another haul very soon.  Have you bought any nice clothes recently? 

Geo Grang Grang Big Brown Review - Sponsored by Eyecandy's


The design looks very natural and blends in perfectly with my natural iris. It's almost the same as the pattern of the Geo Grang Grang Big Choco Lenses, but the thing that bugged me about these is that  the edge of these lenses isn't as crisp and clean, but rather kinda pixelated. They also don't give me the same shiny and glass-like effect which was a bit of a downer. However, they are still very pretty the way they are.


The color is a really nice 2-toned warm brown. The limbal ring is dark brown while the inner part is a mix of dark brown and a lighter brown. It's a true and clear brown which shows up very well in any lighting. You can barely see the color difference between the lens and my natural iris (unless you look really close). These will probably look best on people with hazel, brown, green or even black eyes.

Close Up!

Indoor Lighting 


With Flash (Indoors)


These are very comfortable! I could wear them for several hours without feeling any kind of irritation. But unfortunately, I didn't get them in my prescription (probably because of miscommunication) which means that I can't use them as everyday lenses (unless I wear glasses).


The enlargement is good but it doesn't quite give me the enlarging effect I personally prefer.

Overall Opinion/TL;DR

The main pro about these lenses is that they look sooo natural on my eyes. You can barely see the difference between the lenses and my natural iris. The color is very pretty and they're comfortable to wear. I would've definitely used them as everyday lenses if I'd just gotten them in my prescription.

If you're looking for natural looking lenses that give a great enlarging effect for you black, brown, hazel or green eyes - these are definitely the ones for you!

These lenses were sponsored by
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I had a bad selca day so only one picture this time! Also, I apologize for the blurriness of the close up pictures.