Geo Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel Review (Sponsored by EyeCandy's)

Friday, December 13, 2013



The design is simple and pretty. It has a slightly speckled pattern and It doesn't cover too much of my natural iris which in my opinion makes a lens look more natural. It's hard to explain a design, so you just have to see it for yourself! I don't have much more to say except that I absolutely love it. 


The color of these lenses are a beautiful hazel color. The shade is perfect since it's not too yellow or orange like many other light brown/hazel lenses are. It's also very opaque and light which shows up well even in darker lighting; They are actually much lighter than I expected, which is awesome! In addition, I also like how the timbal ring is a dark brown rather than black. They blend very well with my natural iris. These lenses will look great on those who have brown, green or hazel eyes. Although, They might turn out to look a bit darker on dark brown eyes.

The lens to the right is turned the right way and the lens to the left is showing the back of the lens.

Close Up

Lamp Light

With Flash



The enlargement effect is surprisingly amazing. I usually prefer 15.0mm lenses for the bigger enlargement but even though these only are 14.5mm they still give me a great enlargement effect.


Very comfortable! The water content is a bit higher than many other lenses which also makes them bit more comfortable. I could wear them for several hours without feeling any kind of irritation or dryness. 

Overall Opinion

I really like these lenses! My favorite thing about them is the amazingly pretty and light color. They are very eye catching but don't come off as creepy, and I think that they give you a sexy but still sweet look. They're probably more suitable for those who want their eyes to look intense and for wearing more heavy makeup. 


These lenses were sponsored by Eyecandy's
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  1. They look super cool with this make up, but i think they are super stricking, right?