GEO Grang Grang Big Choco Review (Sponsored by Eyecandy's)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Close Up

Indoor Lighting

With flash


I love how well they blend in and that they let my my natural iris color shine through. These lenses also reflect a lot of light which make your eyes look very shiny and glass-like, just like the eyes of a doll.


The limbal ring is a dark brown and fades into a lighter brown closer to the iris. I wasn't sure what to rate the color of these lenses since the color actually is nothing special at all, but I really like that it looks very natural on my eyes. They probably look best on brown or green eyes.


The enlargement effect is good, but I think that it could've been a bit better. They do give me very big eyes, but I feel like these lenses focus more on giving your eyes a dolly and shiny look rather than extremely enlarging. The Geo Grang Grang series models are available in both 14.2mm and 15.0mm diameters.


These are vert comfortable! I lasted a whole day without feeling even the slightest sign of irritation or dryness.



Recently I've been more fond of dolly but natural looking lenses that lets my natural eye color shine through more and intensifies it rather than covering it completely. These lenses definitely does the job! They are extremely comfortable and they look very nice even with lighter makeup which makes them perfect for everyday.

These lenses were sponsored by Eyecandy's

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  1. pretty! love the lenses on your eyes Lin ^^ it's enlarging but still natural looking :D thank you for the review~

  2. Cute color and design! Looks a lot like the brown ones I just got too ^ ^

  3. I love these lenses. I've been wanting these for awhile & they look so cute on you. Awesome review, doll! <3

  4. have you got a new cam or did you change your editing??? girl you look better than ever!

    1. I still have the same camera, so I guess I improved my technique and editing a bit maybe (^-^;) I'm glad you think so! Thank you~ <3