AMO Produce Color Contact Lens - Dollcia Unicorn Tears

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Most natural looking lenses aren't very big and therefore I haven't been very interested in them, but since these are 14.5 I would really like to try them out. I've been very fond of green lenses recently since I want to enhance my natural iris (which is green and brown) rather than changing it completely, and the color of "Beautiful Aurora Green" is so close to my natural color. I really want them!  I hope I'll be able to get them in the future.

Which color is your favorite?  


  1. The lavender ones are so pretty!! Sorry this is the first time I comment to you, tough I have followed you for over a year! You are so cute and I love this kind of posts of new products!
    I am traveling to Stockholm and I was wondering that are there now a days anymore any Japan related stores? You know fro make-ups or magazines? What stores would you suggest me to visit? :)


    1. Thank you, sweetheart ♡
      The only stores I can come to think of right now is "Science Fiction Bokhandeln" ( in Old Town which has some Japanese Fashion Magazines, Japanese Movies and other goods. We also have a Japanese store called Sun Ai ( which has some Makeup, Accessories etc. I heard they closed tho, but I only lived in Stockholm for about a year so I can't really tell for sure. Also, If I recall correctly there's a pretty big Chinese market (in Skanstull) that has a lot of cute items.
      I hope this helped and I hope that you enjoy your stay in Stockholm! Take care, sweetie ♡

  2. I love the lavender ones too! I think they look so cute~

    If you have any free time, could you please check out my Asian Beauty/ Skincare blog? ! Thanks so much and have a great day ~ (^_^)/

    1. I'll check it out, sweetheart (^-^)
      Thank you! Hope you have a great day too~

  3. Colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color and enhance a look that's subtle, bold or anywhere in between — whether you want to turn heads every day, make your eyes match your mood, or just change your eye color for a special occasion. If you really want to change your lenses’ color on daily basis, contact to your professional optician. They will suggest you contact lenses according to your vision.

  4. Hej Lin!
    jag har funderat på en sak och undrar om du vet (du verkar veta en hel del om linser och så) kan man använda vanliga linser och Cirkellinser samtidigt?
    alltså ha vanliga linser över eller under cirkellinserna...
    kram! :3<3