My tailor-made Princess Coat ♡

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello Lovelies~♡ I ordered a tailor-made coat and I finally received it the other day! This coat actually has a little story behind it, so let me tell you about where and why I bought this particular coat.

Way back in 2011 (or even 2010), Dreamv had a coat that I really loved it but it got sold out before I could buy it. Later on, I found this store on eBay called cosplay007 and noticed that they made custom orders; So I recently decided to contact them. I sent them the pictures of the coat from Dreamv as a reference and asked them if they could make it. They told me that it was possible and I couldn't be happier! The coat was supposed to be finished in 3 weeks but I got it delivered to my doorstep in only 2 weeks!


It fits like a glove and actually shows off my figure quite well, although the arms turned out to be a bit too big in circumference because I made a mistake when giving them my measurements. It's nothing I can't fix myself tho! Otherwise It's very well made and the color is just perfect; I'm always looking for a very specific pink color, and this is exactly the right one. I just love everything about this coat 

I'm sorry for not posting any pictures of me wearing it, but I thought that I'd wait since I'm going to wear it for a small photoshoot anyway as soon as Autumn arrives for real. So you'll be able to see how it looks when I wear it very soon! Stay tuned! Bye for now, lovelies~ 


  1. Omg! It's gorgeous! You make me want to get a bunch of custom clothing made now! I'm looking at their ebay and it doesn't look too pricey at all! Can I ask how much it ended up costing? And for the material, did you choose it or did they? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yay~ I'm considering to get more things too! (^u^) It was 124USD (including shipping). They chose the material for me, but I'm sure they'll let you choose if you want a specific material! Like I mentioned in the post, it's very well made and it was done very fast (in my opinion). They're also very nice! :3
      Hope this helped! Take care ♡