I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown Review

Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Vassen
Origin: South Korea

Daylight (Indoor)

Daylight (Outdoor)

With Flash


I love how the speckled pattern makes the lens blend so well with my natural iris. Lenses with a speckled pattern usually give you a "reptile" kind of look, but I think that this pattern still looks very natural. I actually have a friend whose natural iris has a speckled pattern like this.


The color is a really pretty warm light brown. The vivid orange tone adds a bit of "sparkle", but it kinda takes away a bit of the natural look.


Even though these lenses are huge I somehow feel that the enlargement effect could've been better. This is probably because theses lenses don't have a distinct limbal ring which usually contributes a lot to the enlarging effect.


These are very comfortable which is probably because of the high water content (55%)! These are actually the first lenses I've tried that have a water content higher than 38%.


These are now my favorite lenses when I want to go for a more natural look. I'll probably even wear them when I'm wearing less makeup. The fact that they're very comfortable is also a big plus and an even bigger reason to use them as everyday lenses. The brown color was a great choice for me since they probably blend in the best with my natural iris. I really love them!

(Btw, I apologize for the first two close-up pictures being kinda blurry. I just couldn't seem to get clean shots at that time for some reason.)

I got these lenses at UNIQSO.com

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  1. These are seriously pretty! Tempted to buy a pair myself now :3
    I love your makeup!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Do it! I've been using them all the time recently and they're definitely my favorite ones along with the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses (^-^)
      Thank you ♡

  2. Your make up is always so perfect, love it <3

  3. Woww such lovely dolly eyes!!
    You have green eyes; right? Wonder how will these babes look on my brown eyes :D

    Thanks for the review and oh yes the closeups. MEans alot :)

    1. Thank you, sweetie~♡
      Yeah, my natural eye color is green (with a bit of brown in the center).
      You have brown eyes?! You should feel lucky, I always think that most circle lenses look best on brown eyes since the brown makes it look like you have really big pupils (which is pretty), haha~

      I'm glad you appreciate it! Have great day ♡