MAC Cosmetics Lipstick & Tinted Lipglass in VIVA GLAM Nicki 2

Friday, August 9, 2013

I've been so focused on trying out Japanese Makeup Products that I haven't really thought about getting anything from my all time favorite makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics. But I finally got myself a couple of new lipsticks and lipglasses! 

I really like the containers since they're simple and clean, but still stylish. Th Lipglass applicator is small and fluffy which in my opinion is ideal for a lipgloss applicator. It gives me a precise and pleasant application. The lipstick is about the same size as any other lipstick, but the lipglass container is quite small in my opinion. But based on my experience with MAC's products, both of them will probably last quite some time.


Both of these are a very pretty and romantic pastel lavender pink. The lipglass has hints of glitter in it. The best part about the MAC Lipsticks I've tried is that they're very opaque. I usually have to apply concealer on my lips before applying a lipstick for it to really show, but I can apply this lipstick on my bare lips and it will still turn out really opaque and vivid.

The lipglass is very opaque for being a lipglass, but it doesn't turn out as bright and vivid as the lipstick when worn alone; It turns out much more sheer and subtle. You can't really notice the hints of shimmer in it, but it gives me a really shiny and juicy finish. I usually wouldn't want to wear lipgloss alone, but I could definitely wear this if I want a more natural but still glamorous look.

Consistency & Lastability

The consistency of the lipstick is very creamy and smooth which usually would make me think that the lip color would fade quickly, but as expected It lasts for quite some time. The consistency of the Lipglass is also quite smooth and just a bit sticky, but it feels very nice on the lips and isn't too annoyingly sticky or too liquidly; It's just perfect!

In the picture to the left I'm wearing both the Lipstick and Lipglass.

Like I said, I also got another Lipstick and Lipglass in Saint Germain. I'll probably make a short review on those too even though my opinion is the same as for this one. The only difference is the color (which is also gorgeous). So, my verdict is that I absolutely love this Lipstick and Lipglass.

I'll definitely start collecting more products from MAC Cosmetics again!


  1. I didn't know MAC did a colour like this! Super tempted to try it now :3 Looks so gorgeous

    ♥ Little Owl Diary