Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The first kind of Japanese brand lashes that I ever tried was Dolly Wink, but I haven't used any Dolly Wink products at all lately. Once they released their new collection and repackaged their eyelashes I decided to try them out again just to see if I still like them as much as I used to.



As probably already know, the packaging is completely different from what it used to be. I personally like the old packaging a lot better since it was cuter and more quirky. But Dolly Wink has gradually gone from the cute concept to a more mature one for a while now. I don't really care about packaging tho; I'm just glad that the original design of these lashes is still the same. I've heard both good and bad opinions about the Dolly Wink Eyelash glue that comes with the lashes, but I personally think that it's really great. I haven't had any problems with the lashes coming off, but the glue is still really easy to remove from the lashes after use.

Design & Quality

These eyelashes are natural looking and very soft. The quality is actually very good; you just have to be careful when cleaning them. Mine have lasted quite some time now! I usually don't like natural looking lashes, but these look really pretty together with the right kind of makeup, lower lashes & lenses. They would be perfect to wear alone with simple makeup if you want to go for a natural & girly look tho.

Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly worn together with Dolly Wink No.6 Baby Cute & Geo Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green


I personally think that Dolly Wink lashes can be a bit overrated, but these are definitely my favorite ones when it comes to natural looking lashes. Like I mentioned earlier, they're also perfect for those who are looking for a more natural look.


  1. I really like Dolly Wink for the high quality lashes!
    The design you got is really nice, I think I'll try them in the future :3
    Awesome review! :D

  2. The lashes fit you very well with your eye make up *-*

    I'm agree that the old packaging was much more appealing
    it's so sad they've change it Q__Q

  3. You have beautiful eyes and the lashes look great on you! <3 You've applied them and your eyeliner flawlessly!

  4. It's good that the actual product hasn't changed much. They do look great on you. Though I love the gradual change to maturity, it's a shame that the packages are so bland, you know. Being mature can still be eye-catching and stylish, but! Them's the brakes.

    The lashes coupled with those lenses look really great on you.

  5. Har helt missat att du har en blogg, vad i hela :D Anyways, vilka fina closeups på sminket (linserna men ja...), jag behöver kanske bättra på dramatiken i mitt eget smink känner man ju lite nu! Kramisar~