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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Geo

Origin: South Korea





I usually have a hard time liking "special" designs when it comes to circle lenses, but I actually really like this one! It's very pretty and doesn't stand out too much in real life.


These lenses have a nice and warm brown tone which blends really well with my natural eye color. I love brown lenses with a more reddish town rather than yellow.


The enlarging effect is amazing! Even though I've used 15.0 lenses before, these just seem to be extremely big and make my eyes look huge!


These are actually very comfortable despite the large diameter. I could wear them for almost a whole day without even feeling that I was wearing lenses.


I honestly didn't expect that I would like them this much, but it turns out that I absolutely love them! The design and color is really pretty without looking too obvious, and they blend perfectly with my natural iris. They give me a dolly look and have also given me the most enlarging effect out of all the lenses I've tried! I still think that they're great for everyday use too!

You can get the Geo Xtra Morning Glory Brown lenses at
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  1. I love the design of these! It's like the pattern of some rare snake or from a fancy purse :) I'm a bit afraid of getting out of my comfort zone of GEO Bella Brown lenses but if I'd ever consider purchasing a different pair these would be certain candidates!

    Isabela ♡

  2. They look really cute. ♥
    I'm usually a bit sceptical and picky when it comes to those fancy patterns but I think these lenses are pretty perfect. Also love that they blend so well with your natural eye color. :3

  3. I like the design too! I think they look pretty and wouldn't look tooooooo outlandish (especially if I wore them my boring brown eyes XD). I like your pretty eye make-up btw.

  4. That design is out of this world! I'd probably try this in a blue color.

  5. I love these, they look really natural on you and the colour is really pretty :D

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