CandyDoll New Series & Dolly Wink Limited Items

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dolly Wink keeps releasing new items and has been focusing more and more on natural looking makeup.

This time Dolly Wink has launched three sets of limited edition brown eyelashes, and also have a special edition set containing a black liquid and pencil eyeliner. The eyeliner set is something that I personally would like to get!


CandyDoll has also launched a new series!

Cheek Color Duo Candy Pink (Aurora White & Pink Candy) & Cheek Color Duo Strawberry Pink (Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry Pink)

Cheek Color Duo Pink Flamingo (Cream Beige & Flamingo Pink) & Cheek Color Duo Rose Pink (Peach Pink & Pink Rose)

When they first announced the new series they had only launched the lip tint, but they now have these super cute Cheek Color Duos too, consisting of one main cheek color and one highlight color. Brand new shades are added in addition to the shades from the original series.

My personal favorite is the second one (upper right). It looks really lovely~!


  1. That looks so fabulous! <3

  2. Natural is real beauty.

  3. That's so pretty :) I really love the lashes.

  4. OMIIIGOSHHH thank you for the info! I'm obsessed with dollywink eyelashes, arughh! T__T (My wallet hurts) Definitely going to be trying those lashes out, thank you!

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