New Korilakkuma stuff ♡

Thursday, June 13, 2013

As you all might know by now, I'm crazy about Korilakkuma! I realized that I don't have that much Korilakkuma stuff, so I thought it was time to add some more stuff to my collection. These are the things I got:

The makeup pouch is actually quite tiny, but there's just enough room to fit all of my favorite makeup products that I use daily. The plushie is also pretty small, but I still love it ♡

These are definitely the cutest and comfiest slippers ever! I always use slippers when I'm indoors since my feet usually get cold if I don't, so I thought that I as well should get some cute ones.

I also got this Korilakkuma thingy for storing stuff. This is where I'm going to store all of my accessories and other things from now on.

At last but not least is this super cute bag which was a birthday present from Mimi~

I can't wait to get some more Korilakkma stuff! I'm especially looking forward to buy some Korilakkuma home supplies and stationery stuff as soon as I move to my own place.


  1. lovely!! I have been looking for stuff like this of korilakkuma myself! he's my favorite too :D

  2. I love Korilakkuma <3 I really like the hanger-thingy for the closet :3 Where did you buy all this stuff?

  3. Lovely! So cute ❤ Where did you buy all this stuff? :)

  4. ahhh your closet is so cute! why are you filled with cuteness!? loll. ughh i just turned around and looked at my closet and its so ugly and black.

    xoxo Sarah

  5. so much cute stuff!!! I love the slippers hehe

  6. それはとてもかわいいぃねぇ!