Dreamv Shopping

Monday, June 17, 2013

Placed a new order from my favorite shop, Dreamv! It's nice to go for something different once in a while 

I was really tempted to get both of these in purple, but I decided to go with pink instead (surprise, surprise). I figured that it would be the safest since I'll probably always love pink, hehe~

I really liked the outfit in the picture to the right, so I decided to get the shorts in pink and the shoes in black. The "BOY" cap that I also wanted was sold out at Dreamv, but I found a nice one on eBay and got it there instead. I also found a nice pair of leather gloves!


  1. *__________* Nice purchases!!!
    I would love to buy from DreamV but I'm very lazy to think about all the process, sizes, transactions etc. =___=

    1. Me too ^^ Always is like this when I want buy something from Japan or China, but what can I do? No choice xP

  2. On Rakuten, I usually shop at SuperLovers cause they have the clothes that fits my style. There's hardly any stores in Hawaii that sell those kinds of clothes.

  3. great finds! i really like the outfit on the right too. so cute~

    xoxo Sarah

  4. Have you ask.fm and videofy.me? And whats your username?

  5. I really love your new blog design :)

  6. How long does it take for you to get it home? c: