Chibis by Kiwii-tan

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I ordered two chibis from the very talented Kiwii-tan (at deviantART). I waited several months for her to open her commissions since I wanted her and no one else to make these chibis. That's how much I like her work!

It was very easy to communicate with her and she's very sweet! The chibis were done surprisingly fast, and I really couldn't be happier with the result. The design and coloring is just amazing! They turned out even prettier than I could imagine! I really love them, and I'll definitely order more from her soon.

Feel free to check her out on deviantART to see more of her amazing work!

My 20th Birthday / Short Trip to Germany & Grandpa's 75th Birthday

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello Lovelies~ I'm officially not a teenager anymore since I turned 20 years old on June 6th. I didn't make a big deal out of it and just had some friends over at my place to drink and play horror games  The only pictures I took were some derpy ones, for private purposes 

Later that same month, me and my Dad made a short trip to Germany to celebrate my grandpa's 75th Birthday. It's been over 3 years since I last visited my family in Germany, so I was extremely happy to go there and meet everyone again. Ugh, I can't even explain in words how much I missed everyone! A lot has happened and changed during these 3 years, but I'm not gonna go on too much about that now.

Well, in the picture to the left you can see my grandpa, all dressed up, on the day of his birthday celebration. Almost all of our relatives were there, but to be honest I didn't even know half of them since I haven't seen them since I was a little kid  However, it was fun meeting everyone, and I had a really good time! I don't think that I've ever eaten so much food (and drank so much alcohol) as I did on this trip!

I did take a lot of pictures during this trip, but I'd actually like to keep them private 

I'll always have a place to stay when I visit, so the only thing that's still keeping me from going is work. Anyway, I really hope that I'll be able to go back there soon!

The last thing I wanna talk a bit about is Eis Café San Remo, my favorite place in the whole world to get Ice Cream! I always went here when I was a kid, and also whenever I visited Germany. They really have the best Ice Cream ever (and I've had lots of Ice Cream in my lifetime, haha).

Dreamv Shopping

Monday, June 17, 2013

Placed a new order from my favorite shop, Dreamv! It's nice to go for something different once in a while 

I was really tempted to get both of these in purple, but I decided to go with pink instead (surprise, surprise). I figured that it would be the safest since I'll probably always love pink, hehe~

I really liked the outfit in the picture to the right, so I decided to get the shorts in pink and the shoes in black. The "BOY" cap that I also wanted was sold out at Dreamv, but I found a nice one on eBay and got it there instead. I also found a nice pair of leather gloves!

New Korilakkuma stuff ♡

Thursday, June 13, 2013

As you all might know by now, I'm crazy about Korilakkuma! I realized that I don't have that much Korilakkuma stuff, so I thought it was time to add some more stuff to my collection. These are the things I got:

The makeup pouch is actually quite tiny, but there's just enough room to fit all of my favorite makeup products that I use daily. The plushie is also pretty small, but I still love it ♡

These are definitely the cutest and comfiest slippers ever! I always use slippers when I'm indoors since my feet usually get cold if I don't, so I thought that I as well should get some cute ones.

I also got this Korilakkuma thingy for storing stuff. This is where I'm going to store all of my accessories and other things from now on.

At last but not least is this super cute bag which was a birthday present from Mimi~

I can't wait to get some more Korilakkma stuff! I'm especially looking forward to buy some Korilakkuma home supplies and stationery stuff as soon as I move to my own place.

essie neons 2013

From left to right: bottle service, dj play that song, shake your $$ maker, saturday disco fever, boom boom room & bouncer, it's me!

I already have "Boom Boom Room" which is currently my favorite nail polish, and I used it when doing my new gel nails. I'll post a picture of them very soon!

All of these shades are really bright and vivid. Each of them really stand out which I think is prefect for summer and nightlife. "Boom Boom Room" actually glows under UV light, and I'm sure that the other shades do too. Pretty cool! I'm definitely going to try out a few other of these shades. Which is your favorite?